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109 STAT. 494 PUBLIC LAW 104-52—NOV. 19, 1995 of Veterans Affairs; to travel of the Office of Personnel Management in carrying out its observation responsibilities of the Voting Rights Act; or to payments to interagency motor pools separately set forth in the budget schedules. SEC. 520. Notwithstanding any other provision of law or regulation: (1) The authority of the special police officers of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, extends to buildings and land under the custody and control of the Bureau; to buildings and land acquired by or for the Bureau through lease, unless otherwise provided by the acquisition agency; to the streets, sidewalks and open areas immediately adjacent to the Bureau along Wallenberg Place (15th Street) and 14th Street between Independence and Maine Avenues and C and D Streets between 12th and 14th Streets; to areas which include surrounding parking facilities used by Bureau employees, including the lots at 12th and C Streets, SW, Maine Avenue and Water Streets, SW, Maiden Lane, the Tidal Basin and East Potomac Park; to the protection in transit of United States securities, plates and dies used in the production of United States securities, or other products or implements of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing which the Director of that agency so designates; (2) The exercise of police authority by Bureau officers, with the exception of the exercise of authority upon property under the custody and control of the Bureau, shall be deemed supplementary to the Federal police force with primary jurisdictional responsibility. This authority shall be in addition to any other law enforcement authority which has been provided to these officers under other provisions of law or regulations. SEC. 521. Section 5378 of title 5, United States Code, is amended by adding: "(8) Chief—^not more than the maximum rate payable for GS-14.". 31 USC 5136. SEC. 522. Subchapter III of chapter 51 of subtitle IV of title 31, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end thereof Coins. the following new section: "SEC. 5136. UNITED STATES MINT PUBLIC ENTERPRISE FUND.". There shall be established in the Treasury of the United States, a United States Mint Public Enterprise Fund (the "Fund") for fiscal year 1996 and hereEifter: Provided, That all receipts from Mint operations and programs, including the production and sale of numismatic items, the production and sale of circulating coinage, the protection of Government assets, and gifts and bequests of property, real or personal shall be deposited into the Fund and shall be available without fiscal year limitations: Provided further, That all expenses incurred by the Secretary of the Treasury for operations and programs of the United States Mint that the Secretary of the Treasury determines, in the Secretary's sole discretion, to be ordinary and reasonable incidents of Mint operations and programs, and any expense incurred pursuant to any obligation or other commitment of Mint operations and programs that was entered into before the establishment of the Fund, shall be paid out of the Fund: Provided further. That not to exceed 6.2415 percent of the nominal value of the coins minted, shall be paid out of the Fund for the circulating coin operations and programs in fiscal year 1996 for those operations and programs previously provided for by appropriation: Provided further. That the Secretary of the Treasury may borrow such funds from the General Fund as may be necessary to meet existing liabilities and obligations incurred prior to the receipt of revenues