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109 STAT. 926 PUBLIC LAW 104-88—DEC. 29, 1995 pipeline carriers that performs a service, or engages in activities, related to transportation under this part. "§ 15722. Records: form; inspection; preservation "(a) FORM OF RECORDS. —The Board may prescribe the form of records required to be prepared or compiled under this subchapter by pipeline carriers and lessors, including records related to movement of traffic and receipts and expenditures of money. "(b) INSPECTION. — The Board, or an employee designated by the Board, may on demand and display of proper credentials— "(1) inspect and examine the lands, buildings, and equipment of a pipeline carrier or lessor; and "(2) inspect and copy any record of— "(A) a pipeline carrier, lessor, or association; and "(B) a person controlling, controlled by, or under common control with a pipeline carrier if the Board considers inspection relevant to that person's relation to, or transaction with, that carrier. "(c) PRESERVATION PERIOD. —The Board may prescribe the time period during which operating, accounting, and financial records must be preserved by pipeline carriers and lessors. § 15723. Reports by carriers, lessors, and associations "(a) FILING OF REPORTS. —The Board may require pipeline carriers, lessors, and associations, or classes of them as the Board may prescribe, to file annual, periodic, and special reports with the Board containing answers to questions asked by it. "(b) UNDER OATH. —Any report under this section shall be made under oath. "CHAPTER 159—ENFORCEMENT: INVESTIGATIONS, RIGHTS, AND REMEDIES "CHAPTER 159—ENFORCEMENT: INVESTIGATIONS, RIGHTS, AND REMEDIES "Sec. "15901. General authority. "15902. Enforcement by the Board. "15903. Enforcement by the Attorney General. "15904. Rights and remedies of persons injured by certain carriers. "15905. Limitation on actions by and against pipeline carriers. "15906. Liability of pipeline carriers under receipts and bills of lading. "15907. Liability when property is delivered in violation of routing instructions. "§ 15901. General authority "(a) INVESTIGATION; COMPLIANCE ORDER. —Except as otherwise provided in this part, the Board may begin an investigation under this part only on complaint. If the Board finds that a pipeline carrier is violating this part, the Board shall take appropriate action to compel compliance with this part. The Board shall provide the carrier notice of the investigation and an opportunity for a proceeding. "(b) COMPLAINT. —^A person, including a governmental authority, may file with the Board a complaint about a violation of this part by a pipeline carrier providing transportation or service subject to this part. The complaint must state the facts that are the subject of the violation. The Board may dismiss a complaint it determines does not state reasonable grounds for investigation and action. However, the Board may not dismiss a complaint made