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PUBLIC LAW 104-132—APR. 24, 1996 110 STAT. 1301 to use, a weapon of mass destruction outside of the United States shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life, and if death results, shall be punished by death, or by imprisonment for any term of years or for life.". SEC. 726. ADDITION OF TERRORISM OFFENSES TO THE MONEY LAUNDERING STATUTE. Section 1956(c)(7) of title 18, United States Code, is amended— (1) in subparagraph (B), by amending clause (ii) to read as follows: "(ii) murder, kidnapping, robbery, extortion, or destruction of property by means of explosive or fire;"; and (2) in subparagraph (D)— (A) by inserting after "an offense under" the following: "section 32 (relating to the destruction of aircraft), section 37 (relating to violence at international airports), section 115 (relating to influencing, impeding, or retaliating against a Federal official by threatening or injuring a family member),"; (B) by inserting after "section 215 (relating to commissions or gifts for procuring loans)," the following: "section 351 (relating to congressional or Cabinet officer assassination),"; (C) by inserting after "section 798 (relating to espionage)," the following: "section 831 (relating to prohibited transactions involving nuclear materials), section 844(f) or (i) (relating to destruction by explosives or fire of Government property or property affecting interstate or foreign commerce),"; (D) by inserting after "section 875 (relating to interstate communications)," the following: "section 956 (relating to conspiracy to kill, kidnap, maim, or injure certain property in a foreign country),"; (E) by inserting after "section 1032 (relating to concealment of assets from conservator, receiver, or liquidating agent of financial institution)," the following: "section 1111 (relating to murder), section 1114 (relating to murder of United States law enforcement officials), section 1116 (relating to murder of foreign officials, official guests, or internationaly protected persons),"; (F) by inserting after "section 1203 (relating to hostage taking)," the following: "section 1361 (relating to willful injury of Government property), section 1363 (relating to destruction of property within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction),"; (G) by inserting after "section 1708 (relating to theft from the mail)," the following: "section 1751 (relating to Presidential assassination),"; (H) by inserting after "2114 (relating to bank and postal robbery and theft)," the following: "section 2280 (relating to violence against maritime navigation), section 2281 (relating to violence against maritime fixed platforms),"; (I) by striking "or section 2320" and inserting "section 2320"; and (J) by striking "of this title" and inserting the following: ", section 2332 (relating to terrorist acts abroad against