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110 STAT. 1312 PUBLIC LAW 104-132—APR. 24, 1996 (b) REPORT.— Not later than 90 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Attorney General shall submit a report to the Congress that includes— (1) the findings of the study conducted pursuant to subsection (a); (2) recommendations for the use of electronic devices in conducting surveillance of terrorist or other criminal organizations, and for any modifications in the law necessary to enable the Federal Government to fulfill its law enforcement responsibilities within appropriate constitutional param.eters; (3) a summary of instances in which Federal law enforcement authorities may have abused electronic surveillance powers and recommendations, if needed, for constitutional safeguards relating to the use of such powers; and (4) a summary of efforts to use current wiretap authority, including detailed examples of situations in which expanded authority would have enabled law enforcement authorities to fulfill their responsibilities. Subtitle B—Funding Authorizations for Law Enforcement 28 USC 531 note. SEC. 811. FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION. (a) IN GENERAL. —With funds made available pursuant to subsection (c)— (1) the Attorney General shall— (A) provide support and enhance the technical support center and tactical operations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; (B) create a Federal Bureau of Investigation counterterrorism and counterintelligence fund for costs associated with the investigation of cases involving cases of terrorism; (C) expand and improve the instructional, operational support, and construction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy; (D) construct a Federal Bureau of Investigation laboratory, provide laboratory examination support, and provide for a command center; (E) make grants to States to carry out the activities described in subsection (b); and (F) increase personnel to support counterterrorism activities; and (2) the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation may expand the combined DNA Identification System (CODIS) to include Federal crimes and crimes committed in the District of Columbia. (b) STATE GRANTS. — (1) AUTHORIZATION.—The Attorney General, in consultation with the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, may make grants to each State eligible under paragraph (2) to be used by the chief executive officer of the State, in conjunction with units of local government, other States, or any combination thereof, to carry out all or part of a program to establish, develop, update, or upgrade—