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PUBLIC LAW 104-134—APR. 26, 1996 110 STAT. 1321-250 not later than 30 days after the date of the enactment of this Act. (3) LIMITATION. — For any period (on or after the date of an election under this section) in which an election is in effect for a State under this section— (A) the Federal Government has no obligation to provide payment with respect to items and services provided under title XDC of the Social Security Act in excess of the maximum Federal financial participation specified in subsection (b)(5) and such title shall not be construed as providing for an entitlement, under Federal law in relation to the Federal Government, in an individual or person (including any provider) at the time of provision or receipt of services; and (B) the State shall provide an entitlement to any person to receive any service or other benefit to the extent that such person would, but for this paragraph, be entitled to such service or other benefit under such title. (4) CONDITION FOR STATE FISCAL YEAR 1997-1998.—This section shall not apply to State fiscal year 1997-1998 except to the extent provided for in a subsequent appropriation Act. (d) DEFINITION. —For purposes of this section, the term "heavily impacted high-DSH State" means the State of Louisiana. (e) STATE FISCAL YEARS DEFINED. —For purposes of this section— (1) the term "State fiscal year 1996-1997" means the period beginning July 1, 1996, and ending June 30, 1997, and (2) the term "State fiscal year 1997-1998" means the period beginning July 1, 1997, and ending June 30, 1998. SEC. 520. (a) Congress finds that— Female genital (1) the practice of female genital mutilation is carried out TM"*^||fj^^°^\ by members of certain cultural and religious groups within the United States; and (2) the practice of female genital mutilation often results in the occurrence of physical and psychological health effects that harm the women involved. (b) The Secretary of Health and Human Services shall do the following: (1) Compile data on the number of females living in the United States who have been subjected to female genital mutilation (whether in the United States or in their countries of origin), including a specification of the number of girls under the age of 18 who have been subjected to such mutilation. (2) Identify communities in the United States that practice female genital mutilation, and design and carry out outreach activities to educate individuals in the communities on the physical and psychological health effects of such practice. Such outreach activities shall be designed and implemented in collaboration with representatives of the ethnic groups practicing such mutilation and with representatives of organizations with expertise in preventing such practice. (3) Develop recommendations for the education of students of schools of medicine and osteopathic medicine regarding female genital mutilation and complications arising from such mutilation. Such recommendations shall be disseminated to such schools. 42 USC 241 note.