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110 STAr. 1418 PUBLIC LAW 104-163^JULY 19, 1996 (ii) seven years after title has been transferred, as provided in subsection (a). (C) After completion of construction and commencement of operation, the abandonment or non-use of the recreation park for a period of two years. (D) After completion of construction and commencement of operation, conversion of the Islands to a use other than that specified in this Act or conversion to a parking use not in accordance with section 4(b). (2) The periods referred to in paragraph (1) shall be extended during the pendency of any lawsuit which seeks to enjoin the development or operation of National Children's Island or the administrative process leading to such development or operation. (3) Following any reconveyance or reversion to the National Park Service, any and all claims and judgments arising during the period the District holds title to the Islands, the playground, and premises shall remain the responsibility of the District, and such reconveyance or reversion shall extinguish any and all leases, rights or privileges to the Islands and the playground granted by the District. (4) The District shall require any nongovernmental entity authorized to construct, develop, and operate National Children's Island to establish an escrow fund, post a surety bond, provide a letter of credit or otherwise provide such security for the benefit of the National Park Service, substantially equivalent to that specified in paragraph 11 of the legend on the plat, to serve as the sole source of funding for restoration of the recreation park to a condition suitable for National Park Service purposes (namely, the removal of all buildings and grading, seeding and landscaping of the recreation park) upon reversion of the property. If, on the date which is two years from the date of reversion of the property, the National Park Service has not commenced restoration or is not diligently proceeding with such restoration, any amount in the escrow fund shall be distributed to such nongovernmental entity. SEC. 4. PROVISIONS RELATING TO LANDS TRANSFERRED AND EASE- MENTS GRANTED. (a) PLAYGROUND.— Operation of the recreation park may only commence simultaneously with or subsequent to improvement and opening of a children's playground at National Children's Island that is available to the public free of charge. The playground shall only include those improvements traditionally or ordinarily included in a publicly maintained children's playground. Operation of the recreation park is at all times dependent on the continued maintenance of the children's playground. (b) PUBLIC PARKING. —Public parking on the Islands is prohibited, except for handicapped parking, emergency and government vehicles, and parking related to constructing, and servicing National Children's Island. (c) REQUIRED APPROVALS.—Before construction commences, the final design plans for the recreation park and playground, and all related structures, including bridges and roads, are subject to the review and approval of the National Capital Planning Commission and of the District of Columbia in accordance with the Children's Island Development Plan Act of 1993 (D.C. Act 10-110). The District of Columbia shall carry out its review of