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PUBLIC LAW 104-182—AUG. 6, 1996 110 STAT. 1689 (2) ELIGIBLE COMMUNITY.—The term "eligible community" means a low-income community with economic hardship that— (A) is commonly referred to as a colonia; (B) is located along the United States-Mexico border (generally in an unincorporated area); and (C) lacks basic sanitation facilities such as household plumbing or a proper sewage disposal system. (3) TREATMENT WORKS.— The term "treatment works" has the meaning provided in section 212(2) of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (33 U.S.C. 1292(2)). (b) GRANTS FOR WASTEWATER ASSISTANCE. —The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and the heads of other appropriate Federal agencies are authorized to award grants to a border State to provide assistance to eligible communities for the planning, design, and construction or improvement of sewers, treatment works, and appropriate connections for wastewater treatment. (c) USE OF FUNDS. — Each grsmt awarded pursuant to subsection (b) shall be used to provide assistance to one or more eligible communities with respect to which the residents are subject to a significant health risk (as determined by the Administrator or the head of the Federal agency making the grgint) attributable to the lack of access to an adequate and affordable treatment works for wastewater. (d) COST SHARING. —The amount of a grant awarded pursuant to this section shall not exceed 50 percent of the costs of carrying out the project that is the subject of the grant. (e) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRLVTIONS. —There are authorized to be appropriated to carry out this section $25,000,000 for each of the fiscal years 1997 through 1999. SEC. 308. PREVENTION AND CONTROL OF ZEBRA MUSSEL INFESTA- TION OF LAKE CHAMPLAIN, (a) FINDINGS.—Section 1002(a) of the Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act of 1990 (16 U.S.C. 4701(a)) is amended as follows: (1) By striking "and" at the end of paragraph (3). (2) By striking the period at the end of paragraph (4) and inserting "; and". (3) By adding at the end the following new paragraph: "(5) the zebra mussel was discovered on hake Champlain during 1993 and the opportunity exists to act quickly to establish zebra mussel controls before Lake Champlain is further infested and management costs escalate.". (b) Ex OFFICIO MEMBERS OF AQUATIC NUISANCE SPECIES TASK FORCE. —Section 1201(c) of such Act (16 U.S.C. 4721(c)) is amended by inserting ", the Lake Champlain Basin Program," after "Great Lakes Commission". 29-194O-96 -29:QL3Part2