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PUBLIC LAW 104-201—SEPT. 23, 1996 110 STAT. 2809 of the Department of Defense, and the National Guard, as appropriate. (2) ACCESS RESTRICTIONS. — When mihtary operations, pub- He safety, or national security, as determined by the Secretary of the Army, require the closure of roads and trails on the lands withdrawn by this subtitle commonly in public use, the Secretary of the Army is authorized to take such action, except that such closures shall be limited to the minimum areas and periods required for the purposes specified in this subsection. Appropriate warning notices shall be kept posted during closures. (3) SUPPRESSION OF FIRES. —The Secretary of the Army shall take necessary precautions to prevent and suppress brush and range fires occurring within and outside the lands as a result of military activities and may seek assistance from the Bureau of Land Management in suppressing such fires. The memorandum of understanding required by this section shall provide for Bureau of Land Msmagement assistance in the suppression of such fires, and for a transfer of funds from the Department of the Army to the Bureau of Land Management as compensation for such assistance. (b) MANAGEMENT PLAN. — (1) DEVELOPMENT REQUIRED. — The Secretary of the Army, with the concurrence of the Secretary of the Interior, shall develop a plan for the management of acquired lands and lands withdrawn under sections 2902 and 2903 for the period of withdrawal. The plan shall— (A) be consistent with applicable law; (B) include such provisions as may be necessary for proper resource management and protection of the natural, cultural, and other resources and values of such lands; and (C) identify those withdrawn and acquired lands, if any, which are to be open to mining or mineral and geothermal leasing, including mineral materials disposal. (2) TIME FOR DEVELOPMENT.—The management plan required by this subsection shall be developed not later than 5 years after the date of the enactment of this subtitle. (c) IMPLEMENTATION OF MANAGEMENT PLAN. — (1) MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING REQUIRED.—The Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of the Interior shall enter into a memorandum of understanding to implement the management plan developed under subsection (b). (2) DURATION.— The duration of any such memorandum of understanding shall be the same as the period of withdrawal specified in section 2908(a). (3) AMENDMENT. — The memorandum of understanding may be amended by agreement of both Secretaries. (d) USE OF CERTAIN RESOURCES. — The Secretary of the Army is authorized to utilize sand, gravel, or similar mineral or mineral material resources from the lands withdrawn by this subtitle when the use of such resources is required for construction needs of the Fort Carson Reservation or Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site.