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110 STAT. 2836 PUBLIC LAW 104-201—SEPT. 23, 1996 (2) The spent nuclear fuel rods to be included in the program referred to in psiragraph (1) are the following: (A) Spent nuclear fuel rods produced at the Savannah River Site. (B) Spent nuclear fuel rods being sent to the site from other Department of Energy facilities for processing, interim storage, and other treatment. (C) Foreign spent nuclear fuel rods being sent to the site for processing, interim storage, and other treatment. (e) MULTI-YEAR PLAN FOR CLEAN-UP AT SAVANNAH RIVER SITE. — The Secretary shall develop and implement a multi-year plan for the clean-up of nuclear waste at the Savannah River Site that results, or has resulted, from the following: (1) Nuclear weapons activities carried out at the site. (2) The processing, treating, packaging, and disposal of Department of Energy domestic and foreign spent nuclear fuel rods at the site. (f) REQUIREMENT FOR CONTINUING OPERATIONS AT SAVANNAH RIVER SITE. —The Secretary shall continue operations and maintain a high state of readiness at the H-canyon facility and the F-canyon facility at the Savannah River Site, and shall provide technical staff necessary to operate and so maintain such facilities, pending the development and implementation of the plan referred to in subsection (e). 42 USC 7274n. SEC. 3143. PROJECTS TO ACCELERATE CLOSURE ACTIVITIES AT DEFENSE NUCLEAR FACILITIES. (a) IN GENERAL. — The Secretary of Energy shall select and carry out closure-acceleration projects in accordance with this section. (b) PURPOSE. —The purpose of a closure-acceleration project shall be, within a fixed period of time, to clean up or decommission a Department of Energy defense nuclear facility or portion thereof and to make the facility safe by stabilizing, consolidating, treating, or removing nuclear materials from the facility in order to reduce significantly or eliminate future costs at the facility. (c) ELIGIBLE PROJECTS.— (1) The Secretary of Energy may establish a closure-acceleration project as eligible for selection under subsection (e) by— (A) developing a plan for the project that meets the criteria under paragraph (2); and (B) determining that the project will achieve significant long-term cost savings to the Federal Government from the baseline cost estimate made by the Department of Energy for the project. (2) A plan for a closure-acceleration project under this section shall— (A) define a clear, delineated scope of work for completion of the project; (B) demonstrate that, with respect to the site of the proposed project, there is a regulatory agreement between the Department of Energy and other appropriate authorities for the implementation of environmental remediation requirements that would allow for successful completion of the project; (C) demonstrate, to the maximum extent possible, the support of State and local elected officials and the public for the project;