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PUBLIC LAW 104-193—AUG. 22, 1996 110 STAT. 2141 "(A) has attained 18 years of age; or "(B) has not completed high school or obtained a certificate of high school equivalency, and is not attending secondary school. "(2) CONTENTS OF PLANS.— "(A) IN GENERAL.—On the basis of the assessment made under subsection (a) with respect to an individual, the State agency, in consultation with the individual, may develop an individual responsibility plan for the individual, which— "(i) sets forth an employment goal for the individual and a plan for moving the individual immediately into private sector employment; "(ii) sets forth the obligations of the individual, which may include a requirement that the individual attend school, maintain certain grades and attendsince, keep school age children of the individual in school, immunize children, attend parenting and money management classes, or do other things that will help the individual become and remain employed in the private sector; "(iii) to the greatest extent possible is designed to move the individual into whatever private sector emplo3ment the individual is capable of handling as quickly as possible, and to increase the responsibility and amount of work the individual is to handle over time; "(iv) describes the services the State will provide the individual so that the individual will be able to obtain and keep employment in the private sector, and describe the job counseling and other services that will be provided by the State; and "(v) may require the individual to undergo appropriate subst£m.ce abuse treatment. "(B) TIMING.— The State agency may comply with paragraph (1) with respect to an individual— "(i) within 90 days (or, at the option of the State, 180 days) after the effective date of this part, in the case of an individual who, as of such effective date, is a recipient of aid under the State plan approved under part A (as in effect immediately before such effective date); or "(ii) within 30 days (or, at the option of the State, 90 days) after the individual is determined to be eligible for such assistance, in the case of any other individual. "(3) PENALTY FOR NONCOMPLLVNCE BY INDIVIDUAL. — In addition to any other penalties required under the State program funded under this part;, the State may reduce, by such amount as the State considers appropriate, the amount of assistance otherwise payable under the State program to a family that includes an individual who fails without good cause to comply with an individual responsibility plan signed by the individual. "(4) STATE DISCRETION. —The exercise of the authority of this subsection shall be within the sole discretion of the State.