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PUBLIC LAW 104-193—AUG. 22, 1996 110 STAT. 2149 "(ii) Whether a child receiving such assistance or an adult in the family is disabled. "(iii) The ages of the members of such families. "(iv) The number of individuals in the family, and the relation of each family member to the youngest child in the family. "(v) The employment status and earnings of the employed adult in the family. "(vi) The marital status of the adults in the family, including whether such adults have never married, are widowed, or are divorced. "(vii) The race and educational status of each adult in the family. "(viii) The race and educational status of each child in the family. "(ix) Whether the family received subsidized housing, medical assistance under the State plan approved under title XIX, food stamps, or subsidized child care, and if the latter 2, the amoxint received. "(x) The number of months that the family has received each tj^e of assistance under the program. "(xi) If the adults participated in, and the number of hours per week of participation in, the following activities: "(I) Education. "(II) Subsidized private sector employment. "(Ill) Unsubsidized employment. "(IV) Public sector employment, work experience, or community service. "(V) Job search. "(VI) Job skills training or on-the-job training. "(VII) Vocational education, "(xii) Information necessary to calculate participation rates under section 407. "(xiii) The type and amount of assisteince received under the program, including the amount of and reason for any reduction of assistance (including sanctions). "(xiv) Any amount of unearned income received by any member of the family. "(xv) The citizenship of the members of the family. "(xvi) From a sample of closed cases, whether the family left the program, and if so, whether the family left due to— "(I) employment; "(II) marriage; "(III) the prohibition set forth in section 408(a)(7); " (IV) sanction; or "(V) State pohcy. " (B) USE OF ESTIMATES. — "(i) AUTHORITY.—^A State may comply with subparagraph (A) by submitting an estimate which is obtained through the use of scientifically acceptable seunpling methods approved by the Secretary. "(ii) SAMPLING AND OTHER METHODS.—The Secretary shall provide the States with such case sampling plans and data collection procedures as the Secretary