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PUBLIC LAW 104-193—AUG. 22, 1996 110 STAT. 2223 "(A)(i) the State shall respond within 5 business days to a request made by another State to enforce a support order; and "(ii) the term Tausiness day^ means a day on which State offices are open for regular business; "(B) the State may, by electronic or other means, transmit to another State a request for assistance in a case involving the enforcement of a support order, which request— "(i) shall include such information as will enable the State to which the request is transmitted to compare the information about the case to the information in the data bases of the State; and "(ii) shall constitute a certification by the requesting State— "(I) of the amount of support under the order the payment of which is in arrears; and "(II) that the requesting State has complied with all procedural due process requirements applicable to the case; "(C) if the State provides assistance to smother State pursuant to this paragraph with respect to a case, neither State shall consider the case to be transferred to the caseload of such other State; and "(D) the State shall maintain records of— Records. "(i) the number of such requests for assistance received by the State; "(ii) the number of cases for which the State collected support in response to such a request; and "(iii) the amount of such collected support.". SEC. 324. USE OF FOKMS IN INTERSTATE ENFORCEMENT. (a) PROMULGATION.—Section 452(a) (42 U.S.C. 652(a)) is Eimended— (1) by striking "and" at the end of paragraph (9); (2) by striking the period at the end of paragraph (10) (as amended by section 346(a) of this Act) and inserting "; and"; and (3) by adding at the end the following new paragraph: "(11) not later than October 1, 1996, after consulting with the State directors of programs under this part, promulgate forms to be used by States in interstate cases for— "(A) collection of child support through income withholding; "(B) imposition of liens; and "(C) administrative subpoenas.". (b) USE BY STATES.—Section 454(9) (42 U.S.C. 654(9)) is amended— (1) by striking "and" at the end of subparagraph (C); (2) by inserting "and" at the end of subparagraph (D); and (3) by adding at the end the following new subparagraph: "(E) not later than March 1, 1997, in using the forms promulgated pursuant to section 452(a)(ll) for income withholding, imposition of liens, and issuance of administrative subpoenas in interstate child support cases;".