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110 STAT. 2298 PUBLIC LAW 104-193—AUG. 22, 1996 implementation of the amendment to subparagraph (A) made by section 708(e)(1) of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. "(ii) ALLOCATION.—The Secretary shall allocate from the funds reserved under clause (i)(I)— "(I) $30,000 in base funding to each State; and "(II) any remaining amount among the States, based on the number of family day care homes participating in the program in a State during fiscal year 1995 as a percentage of the number of all family day care homes participating in the program during fiscal year 1995. "(iii) RETENTION OF FUNDS.— Of the amount of funds made available to a State for fiscal year 1997 under clause (i), the State may retain not to exceed 30 percent of the amount to carry out this subparagraph. "(iv) ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS.—Any payments received under this subparagraph shall be in addition to pa5nnents that a State receives under subparagraph (A). ". (3) PROVISION OF DATA.— Section 17(f)(3) of the National School Lunch Act (42 U.S.C. 1766(f)(3)), as amended by paragraph (2), is amended by adding at the end the following: "(E) PROVISION OF DATA TO FAMILY OR GROUP DAY CARE HOME SPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS.— "(i) CENSUS DATA.— The Secretary shall provide to each State agency administering a child and adult care food program under this section data from the most recent decennial census survey or other appropriate census survey for which the data are available showing which areas in the State meet the requirements of subparagraph (A)(ii)(I)(aa). The State agency shall provide the data to family or group day care home sponsoring organizations located in the State, "(ii) SCHOOL DATA.— "(I) IN GENERAL.—^A State agency administering the school lunch program under this Act or the school breakfast program under the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 (42 U.S.C. 1771 et seq.) shall provide to approved family or group day care home sponsoring organizations a list of schools serving elementary school children in the State in which not less than V^ of the children enrolled are certified to receive free or reduced price meals. The State agency shall collect the data necessary to create the list annually and provide the list on a timely basis to any approved family or group day care home sponsoring organization that requests the list. "(II) USE OF DATA FROM PRECEDING SCHOOL YEAR.— In determining for a fiscal year or other annual period whether a home qualifies as a tier I family or group day care home under subparagraph (A)(ii)(I), the State agency administering the