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110 STAT. 2430 PUBLIC LAW 104-201—SEPT. 23, 1996 Sec. 1011. Department of Defense disbursing official check cashing and exchange transactions. Subtitle B—Naval Vessels and Shipyards Sec. 1021. Repeal of requirement for continuous applicability of contracts for phased maintenance of AE class ships. Sec. 1022. Funding for second and third maritime prepositioning ships out of National Defense Sealifl Fund. Sec. 1023. Transfer of certain obsolete tugboats of the Navy. Sec. 1024. Transfer of U.S.S. Drum to city of Vallejo, California. Sec. 1025. Sense of Congress concerning USS LCS 102 (LSSL 102). Subtitle C—Counter-Drug Activities Sec. 1031. Authority to provide additional support for counter-drug activities of Mexico. Sec. 1032. Availability of funds for certain drug interdiction and counter-drug activities. Sec. 1033. Transfer of excess personal property to support law enforcement activities. Sec. 1034. Sale by Federal departments or agencies of chemicals used to manufacture controlled substances. Subtitle D—Reports and Studies Sec. 1041. Annual report on Operation Provide Comfort and Operation Enhanced Southern Watch. Sec. 1042. Annual report on emerging operational concepts. Sec. 1043. Report on Department of Defense military child care programs. Sec. 1044. Report on Department of Defense military youth programs. Sec. 1045. Quarterly reports regarding coproduction agreements. Sec. 1046. Report on witness interview procedures for Department of Defense cri mi nal investigations. Sec. 1047. Report on military readiness requirements of the Armed Forces. Sec. 1048. Report on NATO enlargement. Subtitle E—Management of Armed Forces Retirement Home Sec. 1051. Retirement Home Boards of Directors. Sec. 1052. Acceptance of uncompensated services. Sec. 1053. Disposal of tract of real property in the District of Columbia. Subtitle F—Other Matters Sec. 1061. Policy on protection of national information infrastructure against strategic attack. Sec. 1062. Information systems security program. Sec. 1063. Authority to accept services from foreign governments and international organizations for defense purposes. Sec. 1064. Prohibition on collection and release of detailed satellite imagery relating to Israel. Sec. 1065. George C. Marshall European Center for Strategic Security Studies. Sec. 1066. Authority to award to civilian participants in the defense of Pearl Harbor the Congressional Medal previously authorized only for military participants in the defense of Pearl Harbor. Sec. 1067. Assimilative crimes authority for traffic ofTenses on military installations. Sec. 1068. Uniform Code of Military Justice amendments. Sec. 1069. Punishment of interstate stalking. Sec. 1070. Participation of members, dependents, and other persons in crime prevention efforts at installations. Sec. 1071. Display of State flags at installations and facilities of the Department of Defense. Sec. 1072. Treatment of excess operational support airlift aircraft. Sec. 1073. Correction to statutory references to certain Department of Defense organizations. Sec. 1074. Technical and clerical amendments. Sec. 1075. Modification to third-party liability to United States for tortious infliction of injury or disease on members of the uniformed services. Sec. 1076. Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program. Sec. 1077. Exemption from requirements applicable to savings associations for certain savings institutions serving military personnel. Sec. 1078. Improvements to National Security Education Program. Sec. 1079. Aviation and vessel war risk insurance.