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PUBLIC LAW 104-201—SEPT. 23, 1996 110 STAT. 2433 Sec. 1454. Purchase of low-enriched uranium derived from Russian highly enriched uraniimi. Sec. 1455. Sense of Congress concerning purchase, packaging, and transportation of fissile materials at risk of theft. TITLE XV—COOPERATIVE THREAT REDUCTION WITH STATES OF FORMER SOVIET UNION Sec. 1501. Specification of Cooperative Threat Reduction programs. Sec. 1502. Fiscal year 1997 funding allocations. Sec. 1503. Prohibition on use of funds for specified pvirposes. Sec. 1504. Limitation on use of funds until specified reports are submitted. Sec. 1505. Availability of funds. TITLE XVI—DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE CIVILIAN PERSONNEL Subtitle A—Miscellaneous Matters Relating to Personnel Management, Pay, and Allowances Sec. 1601. Modification of requirement for conversion of military positions to civilian positions. Sec. 1602. Retention of civilian employee positions at military training bases transferred to National Guard. Sec. 1603. Clarification of applicability of certain management constraints on major range and test facility base structure. Sec. 1604. Travel expenses and health care for civilian employees of the Department of Defense abroad. Sec. 1605. Travel, transportation, and relocation allowances for certain former nonappropriated fund employees. Sec. 1606. Employment and salary practices applicable to Department of Defense overseas teachers. Sec. 1607. Employment and compensation of civilian faculty members at certain Department of Defense schools. Sec. 1608. Reimbursement of Department of Defense domestic dependent school board members for certain expenses. Sec. 1609. Modification of authority for civilian employees of Department of Defense to participate voluntarily in reductions in force. Sec. 1610. Wage-board compensatory time off. Sec. 1611. Liquidation of restored annual leave that remains unused upon transfer of employee from installation being closed or realigned. Sec. 1612. Waiver of requirement for repayment of Voluntary Separation Incentive pay by former Department of Defense employees reemployed by the Government without pay. Sec. 1613. Simplification of rules relating to the observance of certain holidays. Sec. 1614. Revision of certain travel management authorities. Sec. 1615. Failure to comply with veterans' preference requirements to be treated as a prohibited personnel practice. Sec. 1616. Pilot programs for defense employees converted to contractor employees due to privatization at closed military installations. Subtitle B—Department of Defense Intelligence Personnel Policy Sec. 1631. Short title. Sec. 1632. Management of civilian intelligence personnel. Sec. 1633. Repeal of superseded sections and clerical and conforming amendments. Sec. 1634. Other personnel management authorities. Sec. 1635. Effective date. TITLE XVII—FEDERAL EMPLOYEE TRAVEL REFORM Sec. 1701. Short title. Subtitle A—Relocation Beneflts Sec. 1711. Allowance for seeking permanent residence quarters. Sec. 1712. Temporary quarters subsistence expenses allowance. Sec. 1713. Modification of residence transaction expenses allowance. Sec. 1714. Authority to pay for property management services. Sec. 1715. Authority to transport a privately owned motor vehicle within the continental United States. Sec. 1716. Authority to pay limited relocation allowances to an employee who is performing an extended assignment. Sec. 1717. Authority to pay a home marketing incentive. Sec. 1718. Revision and reenactment of additional provisions relating to relocation expenses.