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PUBLIC LAW 104-208—SEPT. 30, 1996 110 STAT. 3009-300 would be equitable due to exceptional or uncontrollable circumstances such as a natural disaster or a precipitous and unforeseen decline in the financial resources of the State. "SEC. 224. STATE PLANS. 20 USC 9134. "(a) STATE PLAN REQUIRED.— "(1) IN GENERAL. —In order to be eligible to receive a grant under this subtitle, a State library administrative agency shall submit a State plan to the Director not later than April 1, 1997. "(2) DURATION. — The State plan shall cover a period of 5 fiscal years. "(3) REVISIONS. —If a State library administrative agency makes a substantive revision to its State plan, then the State library administrative agency shall submit to the Director an amendment to the State plan containing such revision not later than April 1 of the fiscal year preceding the fiscal year for which the amendment will be effective. "(b) CONTENTS. —The State plan shall— "(1) establish goals, and specify priorities, for the State consistent with the purposes of this subtitle; "(2) describe activities that are consistent with the goals and priorities established under paragraph (1), the purposes of this subtitle, and section 231, that the State library administrative agency will carry out during such year using such grant; "(3) describe the procedures that such agency will use to carry out the activities described in paragraph (2); "(4) describe the methodology that such agency will use to evaluate the success of the activities established under paragraph (2) in achieving the goals and meeting the priorities described in paragraph (1); "(5) describe the procedures that such agency will use to involve libraries and library users throughout the State in policy decisions regarding implementation of this subtitle; and "(6) provide assurances satisfactory to the Director that such agency will make such reports, in such form and containing such information, as the Director may reasonably require to carry out this subtitle and to determine the extent to which funds provided under this subtitle have been effective in carry- ing out the purposes of this subtitle. "(c) EVALUATION AND REPORT. —Each State library administrative agency receiving a grant under this subtitle shall independently evaluate, and report to the Director regarding, the activities assisted under this subtitle, prior to the end of the 5-year plan. " (d) INFORMATION.— Each library receiving assistance under this subtitle shall submit to the State library administrative agency such information as such agency may require to meet the requirements of subsection (c). " (e) APPROVAL. — "(1) IN GENERAL. — The Director shall approve any State plan under this subtitle that meets the requirements of this subtitle and provides satisfactory assurances that the provisions of such plan will be carried out.