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110 STAT. 2924 PUBLIC LAW 104-204—SEPT. 26, 1996 "(b) The Secretary may provide health care under this section directly or by contract or other arrangement with any health care provider. "(c) For the purposes of this section— "(1) The term 'health care — "(A) means home care, hospital care, nursing home care, outpatient care, preventive care, habilitative and rehabilitative care, case management, and respite care; and "(B) includes— "(i) the training of appropriate members of a child's family or household in the care of the child; and "(ii) the provision of such pharmaceuticals, supplies, equipment, devices, appliances, assistive technology, direct transportation costs to and from approved sources of health care, and other materials as the Secretary determines necessary. "(2) The term 'health care provider' includes specialized spina bifida clinics, health care plans, insurers, organizations, institutions, and any other entity or individual who furnishes health care that the Secretary determines authorized under this section. "(3) The term 'home care' means outpatient care, habilitative and rehabilitative care, preventive health services, and health-related services furnished to an individual in the individual's home or other place of residence. "(4) The term 'hospital care' means care and treatment for a disability furnished to an individual who has been admitted to a hospital as a patient. "(5) The term 'nursing home care' means care and treatment for a disability furnished to an individual who has been admitted to a nursing home as a resident. "(6) The term 'outpatient care' means care and treatment of a disability, and preventive health services, furnished to an individual other than hospital care or nursing home care. "(7) The term 'preventive care' means care and treatment furnished to prevent disability or illness, including periodic examinations, immunizations, patient health education, and such other services as the Secretary determines necessary to provide effective and economical preventive health care. "(8) The term 'habilitative and rehabilitative care' means such professional, counseling, and guidance services and treatment programs (other than vocational training under section 1804 of this title) as are necessary to develop, maintain, or restore, to the maximum extent practicable, the functioning of a disabled person. "(9) The term 'respite care' means care furnished on an intermittent basis for a limited period to an individual who resides primarily in a private residence when such care will help the individual to continue residing in such private residence. § 1804. Vocational training and rehabilitation "(a) Pursuant to such regulations as the Secretary may prescribe, the Secretary may provide vocational training under this section to a child of a Vietnam veteran who is suffering from