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110 STAT. 3009-641 PUBLIC LAW 104-208—SEPT. 30, 1996 SEC. 352. EXCLUSION OF FORMER CITIZENS WHO RENOUNCED CITI- ZENSHIP TO AVOID UNITED STATES TAXATION. (a) IN GENERAL.—Section 212(a)(10) (8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(10)), as redesignated by section 301(b) of this division and as amended by section 347(a) of this division, is amended by adding at the end the following: " (E) FORMER CITIZENS WHO RENOUNCED CITIZENSHIP TO AVOID TAXATION.—Any alien who is a former citizen of the United States who officially renounces United States citizenship and who is determined by the Attorney General to have renounced United States citizenship for the purpose of avoiding taxation by the United States is excludable.". 8 USC 1182 note. (b) EFFECTIVE DATE.— The amendment made by subsection (a) shall apply to individuals who renounce United States citizenship on and after the date of the enactment of this Act. SEC. 353. REFERENCES TO CHANGES ELSEWHERE IN DIVISION. (a) DEPORTATION FOR HIGH SPEED FLIGHT.—For provision making high speed flight from an immigration checkpoint subject to deportation, see section 108(c) of this division. (b) INADMISSIBILITY OF ALIENS PREVIOUSLY REMOVED AND UNLAWFULLY PRESENT. — For provision making aliens previously removed and unlawfully present in the United States inadmissible, see section 301(b) of this division. (c) INADMISSIBILITY OF ILLEGAL ENTRANTS.— For provision revising the ground of inadmissibility for illegal entrants and immigration violators, see section 301(c) of this division. (d) DEPORTATION FOR VISA VIOLATORS.—For provision revising the ground of deportation for illegal entrants, see section 301(d) of this division. (e) LABOR CERTIFICATIONS FOR PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES. —For provision providing for continued validity of labor certifications and classification petitions for professional athletes, see section 624 of this division. Subtitle D—Changes in Removal of Alien Terrorist Provisions SEC. 354. TREATMENT OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION. (a) LIMITATION ON PROVISION OF SUMMARIES; USE OF SPECIAL ATTORNEYS IN CHALLENGES TO CLASSIFIED INFORMATION. — (1) No PROVISION OF SUMMARY IN CERTAIN CASES.— Section 504(e)(3)(D) (8 U.S.C. 1534(e)(3)(D)) is amended— (A) in clause (ii), by inserting before the period at the end the following: "unless the judge makes the findings under clause (iii)", and (B) by adding at the end the following new clause: "(iii) FINDINGS. —The findings described in this clause are, with respect to an alien, that— "(I) the continued presence of the alien in the United States would likely cause serious and irreparable harm to the national security or death or serious bodily injury to any person, and "(II) the provision of the summary would likely cause serious and irreparable harm to the national