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PUBLIC LAW 104-235—OCT. 3, 1996 110 STAT. 3087 "(3) to fund a yearly sjonposium on State system change efforts that result from the operation of the Statewide networks of community-based, prevention-focused, family resource and support progreims; "(4) to create, operate and maintain a computerized communication system between lead entities; and "(5) to fund State-to-State technical assistance through biannual conferences. "SEC. 209. DEFINITIONS. 42 USC 5116h. "For purposes of this title: "(1) CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES.— The term 'children with disabilities' has the same mesining given such term in section 602(a)(2) of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. "(2) COMMUNITY REFERRAL SERVICES.— The term 'community referral services' means services provided under contract or through interagency agreements to assist families in obtaining needed information, mutual support and community resources, including respite care services, health and mental health services, employability development and job training, and other socied services, including early developmental screening of children, through help lines or other methods. "(3) FAMILY RESOURCE AND SUPPORT PROGRAM.— The term 'family resource and support program' means a community- based, prevention-focused entity that— "(A) provides, through direct service, the core services required under this title, including— "(i) parent education, support and leadership services, together with services characterized by relationships between parents and professionals that are based on equality and respect, and designed to assist parents in acquiring parenting skills, learning about child development, and responding appropriately to the behavior of their children; "(ii) services to facilitate the ability of parents to serve as resources to one another (such as through mutual support and parent self-help groups); "(iii) outreach services provided through voluntary home visits and other methods to assist parents in becoming aware of and able to participate in family resources and support program activities; "(iv) community and social services to assist families in obtaining community resources; and "(v) follow-up services; "(B) provides, or arranges for the provision of, other core services through contracts or agreements with other local agencies, including all forms of respite care services; and "(C) provides access to optional services, directly or by contract, purchase of service, or interagency agreement, including— "(i) child care, early childhood development and early intervention services; "(ii) referral to self-sufficiency and life management skills training;