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SUBJECT INDEX B15 Page Correction Officers Health and Safety Act of 1998 3374 Drug-Free Prisons and Jails Act of 1998 2681-753 Lorton Technical Corrections Act of 1998 2681-600 Protection of Children From Sexual Predators Act of 1998 2974 Public and Assisted Housing Drug Elimination Program Amendments of 1998 2646 School resource officers 2841 Telemarketing Fraud Prevention Act of 1998 520 Volunteers for Children Act 1885 Western Hemisphere Drug Elimination Act 2681-693 Wireless Telephone Protection Act 53 Leases See Contracts Life Insurance See Insurance Line Item Veto Limited tax benefits 833 Literacy See Education Loans Credit Union Membership Access Act 913 Federal Transit Act of 1998 338 Higher Education Amendments of 1998 1581 TEA 21 Restoration Act 834 Transportation Eqviity Act for the 21st Century 107 Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act of 1998 241 Lobbying Lobbying Disclosure Technical Amendments Act of 1998 38 M Maine Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Consent Act 1542 Mandela, Nelson Rolihlahla 895 Maritime Affairs America's National Maritime Museums, VA and NY, designation 2135 American Fisheries Act 2681-616 Coast Guard Authorization Act of 1998 3411 Glacier Bay National Park, AK, commercial fishing 2681-259 Hydrographic Services Improvement Act ofl998 3454 International fishery agreement with Poland 3451 Page Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 1998 1902 PRINCE NOVA, vessel documentation 13 Maryland Dale and Betty Bumpers Vaccine Research Facility, designation 2681-362 Jacob Joseph Chestnut Post Office Building, designation 2681-695 Louis Stokes Laboratories, designation 2681-361 Nutria eradication and control pilot program 3027 Potomac Highlands Airport Authority Compact 3212 Massachusetts Adams National Historical Park Act of 1998 3200 Cape Cod National Seashore, land exchange 2694 Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, boundary modification 3203 Medals See Awards, Decorations, and Medals Medical Devices Biomaterials Access Assurance Act of 1998 1519 Micliigan Automobile National Heritage Area Act 3247 Carl D. Pursell Post Office, designation 2681-594 Minerals and Mining Claim maintenance fee 1570 Coalbed methane gas, contracts and leases 3313 Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, ND, mineral leasing 620 Little ^fissouri National Grasslands, ND, consolidation 40 Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Mommient Completion Act 2690 Minnesota Center for National Scenic Byways, designation 209 Upper Mississippi River Wildlife and Fish Refuge, land transfer 2957 Minorities Commission on the Advancement of Women and Minorities in Science, Engineering, and Technology Development Act 1889 Hi^er Education Amendments of 1998 1581 Missiles See Arms and Munitions Mississippi Blaine H. Eaton Post Office Building, designation 28 Mississippi Sioux Tribes Judgment Fund Distribution Act of 1998 3471