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PUBLIC LAW 105-305—OCT. 28, 1998 112 STAT. 2923 of Commerce shall request the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences to conduct a comprehensive study, taking into account the diverse needs of domestic and international Internet users, of the short-term and long-term effects on trademark rights of adding new generic top-level domains and related dispute resolution procedures. (b) MATTERS TO BE ASSESSED IN STUDY.— The study shall assess and, as appropriate, make recommendations for policy, practice, or legislative changes relating to— (1) the short-term and long-term effects on the protection of trademark rights and consumer interests of increasing or decreasing the number of generic top-level domains; (2) trademark rights clearance processes for domain names, including— (A) whether domain name databases should be readily searchable through a common interface to facilitate the clearing of trademark rights and proposed domain names across a range of generic top-level domains; (B) the identification of what information from domain name databases should be accessible for the clearing of trademark rights; and (C) whether generic top-level domain registrants should be required to provide certain information; (3) domain name trademark rights dispute resolution mechanisms, including how to— (A) reduce trademark rights conflicts associated with the addition of any new generic top-level domains; and (B) reduce trademark rights conflicts through new technical approaches to Internet addressing; (4) choice of law or jurisdiction for resolution of trademark rights disputes relating to domain names, including which jurisdictions should be available for trademark rights owners to file suit to protect such trademark rights; (5) trademark rights infringement liability for registrars, registries, or technical management bodies; (6) short-term and long-term technical and policy options for Internet addressing schemes and the impact of such options on current trademark rights issues; and (7) public comments on the interim report and on any reports that are issued by intergovernmental bodies. (c) COOPERATION WITH STUDY.— (1) INTERAGENCY COOPERATION. —The Secretary of Commerce shall— (A) direct the Patent and Trademark Office, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and other Department of Commerce entities to cooperate fully with the National Research Council in its activities in carrying out the study under this section; and (B) request all other appropriate Federal departments. Federal agencies. Government contractors, and similar entities to provide similar cooperation to the National Research Council. (2) PRIVATE CORPORATION COOPERATION.— The Secretary of Commerce shall request that any private, not-for-profit corporation established to manage the Internet root server system