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PUBLIC LAW 105-332—OCT. 31, 1998 112 STAT. 3093 "(IV) academic knowledge and vocational and technical skills required for employment or participation in postsecondary education; "(ii) to carry out research to increase the effectiveness and improve the implementation of vocational and technical education programs, including conducting research and development, and studies, providing longitudinal information or formative evaluation with respect to vocational and technical education programs and student achievement; "(iii) to carry out research that can be used to improve teacher training and learning in the vocational and technical education classroom, including— "(I) effective inservice and preservice teacher education that assists vocational and technical education systems; and "(II) dissemination and training activities related to the applied research and demonstration activities described in this subsection, which may also include serving as a repository for information on vocational and technical skills, State academic standards, and related materials; and "(iv) to carry out such other research as the Secretary determines appropriate to assist State and local recipients of funds under this Act. "(B) REPORT. —The center or centers conducting the activities described in subparagraph (A) shall annually prepare a report of key research findings of such center or centers and shall submit copies of the report to the Secretary, the Committee on Education and the Workforce of the House of Representatives, the Committee on Labor and Human Resources of the Senate, the Library of Congress, and each eligible agency. " (C) DISSEMINATION.—The center or centers shall conduct dissemination and training activities based upon the research described in subparagraph (A). " (6) DEMONSTRATIONS AND DISSEMINATION.— " (A) DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM.—The Secretary is authorized to carry out demonstration vocational and technical education programs, to replicate model vocational and technical education programs, to disseminate best practices information, and to provide technical assistance upon request of a State, for the purposes of developing, improving, and identifying the most successful methods and techniques for providing vocational and technical education programs assisted under this Act. " (B) DEMONSTRATION PARTNERSHIP. — "(i) IN GENERAL. — The Secretary shall carry out ^ a demonstration partnership project involving a 4-year, accredited postsecondary institution, in cooperation with local public education organizations, volunteer groups, and private sector business participants to provide program support, and facilities for education, training, tutoring, counseling, employment preparation, specific skills training in emerging and established professions, and for retraining of military medical personnel, individuals displaced by corporate or