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PUBLIC LAW 105-366—NOV. 10, 1998 112 STAT. 3309 "(ii) such person has a firm beHef that such circumstance exists or that such result is substantially certain to occur. "(B) When knowledge of the existence of a particular circumstance is required for an offense, such knowledge is established if a person is aware of a high probability of the existence of such circumstance, unless the person actually believes that such circumstance does not exist. "(4)(A) The term 'routine governmental action' means only an action which is ordinarily and commonly performed by a foreign official in— "(i) obtaining permits, licenses, or other official documents to qualify a person to do business in a foreign country; "(ii) processing governmental papers, such as visas and work orders; "(iii) providing police protection, mail pick-up and delivery, or scheduling inspections associated with contract performance or inspections related to transit of goods across country; "(iv) providing phone service, power and water supply, loading and unloading cargo, or protecting perishable products or commodities from deterioration; or "(v) actions of a similar nature. "(B) The term 'routine governmental action' does not include any decision by a foreign official whether, or on what terms, to award new business to or to continue business with a particular party, or any action taken by a foreign official involved in the decision-making process to encourage a decision to award new business to or continue business with a particular party. "(5) The term 'interstate commerce' means trade, commerce, transportation, or communication among the several States, or between any foreign country and any State or between any State and any place or ship outside thereof, and such term includes the intrastate use of— "(A) a telephone or other interstate means of communication, or "(B) any other interstate instrumentality.". SEC. 5. TREATMENT OF INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS PROVIDING President. COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES. 15 USC 78dd-l (a) DEFINITION. — For purposes of this section: (1) INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION PROVIDING COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES. —The term "international organization providing commercial communications services" means— (A) the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization established pursuant to the Agreement Relating to the International Telecommxuiications Satellite Organization; and (B) the International Mobile Satellite Organization established pursuant to the Convention on the International Maritime Satellite Organization. (2) PRO-COMPETITIVE PRIVATIZATION. —The term "procompetitive privatization" means a privatization that the President determines to be consistent with the United States policy of obtaining full and open competition to such organizations note.