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PUBLIC LAW 105-392—NOV. 13, 1998 112 STAT. 3533 "(B) the contract referred to in subparagraph (A) provides that— "(i) the school will, for each year for which the individual will serve as a member of the faculty under the contract with the school, make payments of the principal and interest due on the educational loans of the individual for such year in an amount equal to the amount of such payments made by the Secretary for the year; "(ii) the payments made by the school pursuant to clause (i) on behalf of the individual will be in addition to the pay that the individual would otherwise receive for serving as a member of such faculty; and "(iii) the school, in making a determination of the amount of compensation to be provided by the school to the individual for serving as a member of the faculty, will make the determination without regard to the amount of payments made (or to be made) to the individual by the Federal Government under paragraph (1). "(5) APPLICABILITY OF CERTAIN PROVISIONS.— The provisions of sections 338C, 338G, and 3381 shall apply to the program established in paragraph (1) to the same extent and in the same manner as such provisions apply to the National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program established in subpart III of part D of title III, including the applicability of provisions regarding reimbursements for increased tax liability and regarding bankruptcy. "(6) WAIVER REGARDING SCHOOL CONTRIBUTIONS. — The Secretary may waive the requirement established in paragraph (4)(B) if the Secretary determines that the requirement will impose an undue financial hardship on the school involved. " (b) FELLOWSHIPS. — "(1) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary may make grants to and enter into contracts with eligible entities to assist such entities in increasing the number of underrepresented minority individuals who are members of the faculty of such schools. "(2) APPLICATIONS. —To be eligible to receive a grant or contract under this subsection, an entity shall provide an assurance, in the application submitted by the entity, that— "(A) amounts received under such a grant or contract will be used to award a fellowship to an individual only if the individual meets the requirements of paragraphs (3) and (4); and "(B) each fellowship awarded pursuant to the grant or contract will include— "(i) a stipend in an amount not exceeding 50 percent of the regular salary of a similar faculty member for not to exceed 3 years of training; and "(ii) an allowance for other expenses, such as travel to professional meetings and costs related to specialized training. "(3) ELIGIBILITY. —To be eligible to receive a grant or contract under paragraph (1), an applicant shall demonstrate to the Secretary that such applicant has or will have the ability to—