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112 STAT. 3602 PUBLIC LAW 105-393 —NOV. 13, 1998 42 USC 3142. "SEC. 202. BASE CLOSINGS AND REALIGNMENTS. "Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary may provide to an eligible recipient any assistance available under this title for a project to be carried out on a military or Department of Energy installation that is closed or scheduled for closure or realignment without requiring that the eligible recipient have title to the property or a leasehold interest in the property for any specified term. 42 USC 3143. " SEC. 203. GRANTS FOR PLANNING AND GRANTS FOR ADMINISTRA- TIVE EXPENSES. "(a) IN GENERAL. —On the application of an eligible recipient, the Secretary may make grants to pay the costs of economic development planning and the administrative expenses of organizations that carry out the planning. "(b) PLANNING PROCESS. — Planning assisted under this title shall be a continuous process involving public officials and private citizens in— "(1) analyzing local economies; "(2) defining economic development goals; "(3) determining project opportunities; and "(4) formulating and implementing an economic development program that includes systematic efforts to reduce unemployment and increase incomes. "(c) USE OF PLANNING ASSISTANCE.— Planning assistance under this title shall be used in conjunction with any other available Federal planning assistance to ensure adequate and effective planning and economical use of funds. "(d) STATE PLANS. — "(1) DEVELOPMENT. — Any State plan developed with assistance under this section shall be developed cooperatively by the State, political subdivisions of the State, and the economic development districts located wholly or partially in the State. "(2) COMPREHENSIVE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY.— As a condition of receipt of assistance for a State plan under this subsection, the State shall have or develop a comprehensive economic development strategy. "(3) CERTIFICATION TO THE SECRETARY.— On completion of a State plan developed with assistance under this section, the State shall— "(A) certify to the Secretary that, in the development of the State plan, local and economic development district plans were considered and, to the maximum extent practicable, the State plan is consistent with the local and economic development district plans; and "(B) identify any inconsistencies between the State plan and the local and economic development district plans and provide a justification for each inconsistency. "(4) COMPREHENSIVE PLANNING PROCESS.— Any overall State economic development planning assisted under this section shall be a part of a comprehensive planning process that shall consider the provision of public works to— "(A) promote economic development and opportunity; "(B) foster effective transportation access; "(C) enhance and protect the environment; and "(D) balance resources through the sound management of physical development.