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PUBLIC LAW 105-394—NOV. 13, 1998 112 STAT. 3647 (2) SANCTIONS. —An entity that fails to develop and comply with a corrective action plan as described in paragraph (1) during a fiscal year shall be subject to one of the following corrective actions selected by the Secretary: (A) Partial or complete fund termination under the grant program. (B) Ineligibility to participate in the grant program in the following year. (C) Reduction in funding for the following year under the grant program. (D) Required redesignation of the lead agency designated under section 101(d) or an entity responsible for administering the grant program. (3) APPEALS PROCEDURES.— The Secretary shall establish appeals procedures for entities that are found to be in noncompliance with the requirements of this title. (c) ANNUAL REPORT.— (1) IN GENERAL.— Not later than December 31 of each year, Deadline, the Secretary shall prepare, and submit to the President and to Congress, a report on the activities funded under this Act, to improve the access of individusds with disabilities to assistive technology devices and assistive technology services. (2) CONTENTS.— Such report shall include information on— (A) the demonstrated successes of the funded activities in improving interagency coordination relating to assistive technology, streamlining access to funding for assistive technology, and producing beneficial outcomes for users of assistive technology; (B) the demonstration activities carried out through the funded activities to— (i) promote access to such funding in public programs that were in existence on the date of the initiation of the demonstration activities; and (ii) establish additional options for obtaining such funding; (C) the education and training activities carried out through the funded activities to educate and train targeted individuals about assistive technology, including increasing awareness of funding through public programs for assistive technology; (D) the research activities carried out through the funded activities to improve understanding of the costs and benefits of access to assistive technology for individuals with disabilities who represent a variety of ages and types of disabilities; (E) the program outreach activities to rural and innercity areas that are carried out through the funded activities; (F) the activities carried out through the funded activities that are targeted to reach underrepresented popu-" lations and rural populations; and (G) the consumer involvement activities carried out through the funded activities. (3) AVAILABILITY OF ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY DEVICES AND ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES.— AS soon as practicable, the Secretary shall include in the annual report required by this subsection information on the availability of assistive technology devices and assistive technology services.