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112 STAT. 3660 PUBLIC LAW 105-394—NOV. 13, 1998 (A) commercial lending institutions or organizations; or (B) State financing agencies. 29 USC 3055. SEC. 305. GRANT ADMINISTRATION REQUIREMENTS. A State that receives a grant under this title and any community-based organization that enters into a contract with the State under this title, shall submit to the Secretary, pursuant to a schedule established by the Secretary (or if the Secretary does not establish a schedule, within 12 months after the date that the State receives the grant), each of the following policies or procedures for administration of the alternative financing program: (1) A procedure to review and process in a timely manner requests for financial assistance for immediate and potential technology needs, including consideration of methods to reduce paperwork and duplication of effort, particularly relating to need, eligibility, and determination of the specific assistive technology device or service to be financed through the program. (2) A policy and procedure to assure that access to the alternative financing program shall be given to consumers regardless of type of disability, age, income level, location of residence in the State, or type of assistive technology device or assistive technology service for which financing is requested through the program. (3) A procedure to assure consumer-controlled oversight of the program. 29 USC 3056. SEC. 306. INFORMATION AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE. (a) IN GENERAL. — The Secretary shall provide information and technical assistance to States under this title, which shall include— (1) providing assistance in preparing applications for grants under this title; (2) assisting grant recipients under this title to develop and implement alternative financing programs; and (3) providing any other information and technical assistance the Secretary determines to be appropriate to assist States to achieve the objectives of this title. (b) GRANTS, CONTRACTS, AND COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS. —The Secretary shall provide the information and technical assistance described in subsection (a) through grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements with public or private agencies and organizations, including institutions of higher education, with sufficient documented experience, expertise, and capacity to assist States in the development and implementation of the alternative financing programs carried out under this title. 29 USC 3057. SEC. 307. ANNUAL REPORT. Deadline. Not later than December 31 of each year, the Secretary shall submit a report to the Committee on Education and the Worlrfbrce of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Labor and Human Resources of the Senate describing the progress of each alternative financing program funded under this title toward achieving the objectives of this title. The report shall include information on— (1) the number of grant applications received and approved by the Secretary under this title, and the amount of each grant awarded under this title;