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PUBLIC LAW 106-159—DEC. 9, 1999 113 STAT. 1755 (1) MEASURABLE GOALS.— The strategy and annual plans under subsection (a) shall include, at a minimum, specific numeric or measurable goals designed to achieve the strategic goals of subsection (a). The purposes of the numeric or measurable goals are as follows: (A) To increase the number of inspections and compliance reviews to ensure that all high-risk commercial motor vehicles, operators, and carriers are examined. (B) To eliminate, with meaningful safety measures, the backlog of rulemakings. (C) To improve the quality and effectiveness of data bases by ensuring that all States and inspectors accurately and promptly report complete safety information. (D) To eliminate, with meaningful civil and criminal penalties for violations, the backlog of enforcement cases. (E) To provide for a sufficient number of Federal and State safety inspectors, and provide adequate facilities and equipment, at international border areas. (2) RESOURCE NEEDS.— In addition, the strategy and annual plans shall include estimates of the funds and staff resources needed to accomplish each activity. Such estimates shall also include the staff skills and training needed for timely and effective accomplishment of each goal. (3) SAVINGS CLAUSE.—In developing and assessing progress toward meeting the measurable goals set forth in this subsection, the Secretary and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator shall not take any action that would impinge on the due process rights of motor carriers and drivers. (c) SUBMISSION WITH THE PRESIDENT'S BUDGET.— Beginning with fiscal year 2001 and each fiscal year thereafter, the Secretary shall submit to Congress the strategy and annual plan at the same time as the President's budget submission. (d) ANNUAL PERFORMANCE. — (1) ANNUAL PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT.—For each of fiscal years 2001 through 2003, the following officials shall enter into annual performance agreements: (A) The Secretary and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator. (B) The Administrator and the Deputy Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator. (C) The Administrator and the Chief Safety Officer of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. (D) The Administrator and the regulatory ombudsman of the Administration designated by the Administrator under subsection (f). (2) GOALS.— Each annual performance agreement entered into under paragraph (1) shall include the appropriate numeric or measurable goals of subsection (b). (3) PROGRESS ASSESSMENT. —Consistent with the current performance appraisal system of the Department of Transportation, the Secretary shall assess the progress of each official (other than the Secretary) referred to in paragraph (1) toward achieving the goals in his or her performance agreement. The Secretary shall convey the assessment to such official, including identification of any deficiencies that should be remediated before the next progress assessment.