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113 STAT. 1844 PUBLIC LAW 106-169—DEC. 14, 1999 "(bb) The certification requirements of section 1103(b) of the Right to Financial Privacy Act shall not apply to requests by the Commissioner of Social Security pursuant to an authorization provided under this clause. "(cc) A request by the Commissioner pursuant to an authorization provided under this clause is deemed to meet the requirements of section 1104(a)(3) of the Right to Financial Privacy Act and the flush language of section 1102 of such Act. "(IV) The Commissioner shall inform any person who provides authorization pursuant to this clause of the duration and scope of the authorization. "(V) If an applicant for, or recipient of, benefits under this title (or any such other person referred to in subclause (I)) refuses to provide, or revokes, any authorization made by the applicant or recipient for the Commissioner of Social Security to obtain from any financial institution any financial record, the Commissioner may, on that basis, determine that the applicant or recipient is ineligible for benefits under this title.". Subtitle B—Benefits For Certain World War II Veterans SEC. 251. ESTABLISHMENT OF PROGRAM OF SPECIAL BENEFITS FOR CERTAIN WORLD WAR II VETERANS. (a) IN GENERAL.— The Social Security Act is amended by inserting after title VII the following new title: "TITLE VIII—SPECIAL BENEFITS FOR CERTAIN WORLD WAR II VETERANS 'TABLE OF CONTENTS "Sec. 801. Basic entitlement to benefits. "Sec. 802. Qualified individuals. "Sec. 803. Residence outside the United States. "Sec. 804. Disqualifications. "Sec. 805. Benefit amount. "Sec. 806. Applications and fiimishing of information. "Sec. 807. Representative payees. "Sec. 808. Overpayments and underpayments. "Sec. 809. Hearings and review. "Sec. 810. Other administrative provisions. "Sec. 811. Penalties for fraud. "Sec. 812. Definitions. "Sec. 813. Appropriations. 42 USC 1001. "SEC. 801. BASIC ENTITLEMENT TO BENEFITS. "Every individual who is a qualified individual under section 802 shall, in accordance with and subject to the provisions of this title, be entitled to a monthly benefit paid by the Commissioner of Social Security for each month after September 2000 (or such earlier month, if the Commissioner determines is administratively feasible) the individual resides outside the United States. 42 USC 1002. "SEC. 802. QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS. "Except as otherwise provided in this title, an individual— "(1) who has attained the age of 65 on or before the date of the enactment of this title;