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113 STAT. 2116 PROCLAMATION 7208-JULY 7, 1999 ANNEX Modifications to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (a) Effective with respect to goods entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after July 22, 1999, subchapter III of chapter 99 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States is modified by inserting in numerical sequence the following new U.S. note, subheadings and superior text thereto, with the language inserted in the columns entitled "Heading/Subheading", "Article Description", "Rates of Duty 1- General", "Rates of Duty l-Special", and "Rates of Duty 2", respectively. "Y. For purposes of the subheadings enumerated below, the in-quotaquantities for fresh, chilled or frozen lamb meat shall be allocated as follows: Subheadings Country or Countries Allocation 9903.02.01 Australia. 17.139.382 New Zealand. 14,481,603 Other countries 229.966 9903.02.03 Australia. 17,600,931 New Zealand 14.871.407 Other countries 236.1JS 9903.02.05 AustiaUa. 18.062,279 New Zealand 13.261,210 Other countries. 242,346 Carcasses and half-caicasses of lamb (provided for in subheading 0204.10.00 or 0204.30.00), other lamb cuts with bone in (provided for in subheading 0204.22.20 or 0204.42.20], and boneless lamb meat (provided for in subheading 0204.23.20 or 0204.43.20), all the foregoing fiesh, chilled orfrozen,except products of Canada, of Mexico, of Israel, of developing countries enumerated in general note 4(a) to this schedule, of beneficiary countries under the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act (as enumerated in general note 7(a) to this schedule) or of beneficiary countries under the Andean Trade Preference Act (as enumerated in general note 11(a) to this schedule): If entered during the periodfiromJuly 22, 1999, through July 21, 2000 inclusive: 9903.02.01 In quantities not hi excess of 31,851,151 kg. 9S 15.4*Ag 9903.02.02 Other. 40% 15.4^/kg + 40% (Carcasses...:] If entoed during the periodfromJuly 22, 2000, through July 21, 2001, inclusive: 9903.02.03 In quantities not in excess of 32,708,493 kg. «% I5.4*/kg 9903.02.04 Other 32% 15.4^/kg + 32% Ifentered during the periodfromJuly 22, 2001, through July 22, 2002, inclusive: 9903.02.05 In quantities not in excess of 33,565,835 kg 3% I5.4#/kg 9903.02.06 Other. 24% I5.4^/kg + 24%-