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113 STAT. 2120 PROCLAMATION 7210-^ULY 22, 1999 Annex IMPORT RESTRICTIONS Section A: Export Limits Effective July 12, 1999, the United States Customs Service shall deny entry to any imports of certain steel products from Russia, in excess of the export limits established below, or which otherwise fail to comply with the instructions issued by the Secretary of Commerce. The export limits for the certain steel products from Russia to the United States for the calendar year 1999 are as follows: Certain Steel Pro duct Quantity (in metric tons) Cold-Rolled Flat-Rolled Carbon Quality Steel 340,000 Certain Cold-Rolled Stainless, Alloy and Other Carbon Steel Products 15,356 Semifinished Steel Products 950,000 Gal van iz ed Sheet Prod ucts 55,000 Other Metallic Coated Flat-Rolled Products 0 Certain Tin Mill Products 0 Electrical Sheet Products 15,356 Heavy Structural Shapes 65,000 Rails 0 Hot-Rolled Bars (hot-rolled bars, reinforcing bar, and light shap es) 85,000 Cold-Finished Bars 36,000 Pipe and Tube Products 40,000 Wire Rod Products 0 Hot-Rolled Steel Stainless and Alloy Prods. 25,073 Pig Iron 575,000 Section B; Definitions References to the provisions of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States, annotated (^HTSUS"), as of June 30, 1999. (1) Certain Cold-Rolled Stainless, Alloy and Other Carbon Steel Products are defined as the following: Certain stainless, alloy, and iron or non-allpy cold-rolled (cold-reduced) flat-rolled steel products, of rectangular shape, neither clad, plated, nor coated with metal, but whether or not annealed, painted, varnished, or coated with plastics or other non-metallic substances, both in coils, 0.5 inch wide or wider, (whether or not in successively superimposed layers and/or otherwise colled, such as spirally oscillated colls), and also in straight lengths, which, if less than 4.75 mm in thic)cness having a width that Is 0.5 Inch or greater and that measures at least 10