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114 STAT. 2230 PUBLIC LAW 106-501—NOV. 13, 2000 "(24) establish and carry out pension counseling and information programs described in section 215;"; and (H) by striking paragraph (27) and redesignating the remaining paragraphs; (I) by adding a new paragraph (27): "(27) improve the delivery of services to older individuals living in rural areas through— "(A) synthesizing results of research on how best to meet the service needs of older individuals in rural areas; "(B) developing a resource guide on best practices for States, area agencies on aging, and service providers; "(C) providing training and technical assistance to States to implement these best practices of service delivery; and "(D) submitting a report on the States' experiences in implementing these best practices and the effect these innovations are having on improving service delivery in rural areas to the relevant committees not later than 36 months after enactment."; (2) in subsection (d)(4), by striking "1990" and inserting "2000"; and (3) by adding at the end the following: "(f)(1) The Assistant Secretary, in accordance with the process described in paragraph (2), and in collaboration with a representative group of State agencies, tribal organizations, area agencies on aging, and providers of services involved in the performance outcome measures shall develop and publish by December 31, 2001, a set of performance outcome measures for planning, managing, and evaluating activities performed and services provided under this Act. To the maximum extent possible, the Assistant Secretary shall use data currently collected (as of the date of development of the measures) by State agencies, area agencies on aging, and service providers through the National Aging Program Information System and other applicable sources of information in developing such measures. "(2) The process for developing the performance outcome measures described in paragraph (1) shall include— "(A) a review of such measures currently in use by State agencies and area agencies on aging (as of the date of the review); "(B) development of a proposed set of such measures that provides information about the major activities performed and services provided under this Act; "(C) pilot testing of the proposed set of such measures, including an identification of resource, infrastructure, and data collection issues at the State and local levels; and "(D) evaluation of the pilot test and recommendations for modification of the proposed set of such measures.". SEC. 202. FEDERAL AGENCY CONSULTATION. Title II of the Older Americans Act of 1965 (42 U.S.C. 3011 et seq.) is amended— 42 USC 3013. (1) in section 203(a)(3)(A), by inserting "and older individuals residing in rural areas" after "low-income minority older individuals"; 42 USC 3015. (2) by striking section 204 and inserting the following: