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114 STAT. 2296 PUBLIC LAW 106-502—NOV. 13, 2000 easements, rights-of-way, dredged material disposal areas, and relocations necessary for the project. (c) CREDIT FOR CONTRIBUTIONS. —The value of land, easements, rights-of-way, dredged material disposal areas, and relocations provided under subsection (b) for a project shall be credited toward the non-Federal share of the costs of the project. (d) ADDITIONAL COSTS. — (1) NON-FEDERAL RESPONSIBILITIES. —^ The non- Federal participants in any project carried out under the Program on land or at a facility that is not owned by the United States shall be responsible for all costs associated with operating, maintaining, repairing, rehabilitating, and replacing the project. (2) FEDERAL RESPONSIBILITY. —The Federal Government shall be responsible for costs referred to in paragraph (1) for projects carried out on Federal land or at a Federal facility. 16 USC 777 note. SEC. 8. LDtflTATION ON ELIGIBILITY FOR FUNDING. A project that receives funds under this Act shall be ineligible to receive Federal funds from any other source for the same purpose. 16 USC 777 note. SEC. 9. REPORT. On the expiration of the third fiscal year for which amounts are made available to carry out this Act, the Secretary shall submit to Congress a report describing— (1) the projects that have been completed under this Act; (2) the projects that will be completed with amounts made available under this Act during the remaining fiscal years for which amounts are authorized to be appropriated under section 10; and (3) recommended changes to the Program as a result of projects that have been carried out under this Act. 16 USC 777 note. SEC. 10. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. (a) IN GENERAL. — There is authorized to be appropriated to carry out this Act $25,000,000 for each of fiscal years 2001 through 2005. (b) LIMITATIONS.— (1) SINGLE STATE.— (A) IN GENERAL. —Except as provided in subparagraph (B), not more than 25 percent of the total amount of funds made available under this section may be used for one or more projects in any single State. (B) WAIVER.— On notification to Congress, the Secretary may waive the limitation under subparagraph (A) if a State is unable to use the entire amount of funding made available to the State under this Act. (2) ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES.— Not more than 6 percent of the funds authorized under this section for any fiscal year