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114 STAT. 2332 PUBLIC LAW 106-505—NOV. 13, 2000 " (A) IN GENERAL.— Subject to subparagraph (B), the Board shall be composed of 15 members to be appointed by the Director of the Center, and such ad-hoc or temporary members as the Director of the Center determines to be appropriate. All members of the Board, including temporary and ad-hoc members, shall be voting members. " (B) LIMITATION.—Not more than three individuals who are officers or employees of the Federal Government may serve as members of the Board. " (4) CERTAIN REQUIREMENTS REGARDING MEMBERSHIP.—In selecting individuals for membership on the Board, the Director of the Center shall ensure that the members are individuals who, by virtue of their training or experience, are eminently qualified to perform peer review functions. In selecting such individuals for such membership, the Director of the Center shall ensure that the members of the Board collectively— "(A) are experienced in the planning, construction, financing, and administration of entities that conduct biomedical or behavioral research sciences; "(B) are knowledgeable in making determinations of the need of entities for biomedical or behavioral research facilities, including such facilities for the dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and allied health professions; "(C) are knowledgeable in evaluating the relative priorities for applications for grants under subsection (a) in view of the overall research needs of the United States; and "(D) are experienced with emerging centers of excellence, as described in subsection (c)(2). " (5) CERTAIN AUTHORITIES.— "(A) WORKSHOPS AND CONFERENCES.—In carrying out paragraph (2), the Board may convene workshops and conferences, and collect data as the Board considers appropriate. "(B) SUBCOMMITTEES.— In carrying out paragraph (2), the Board may establish subcommittees within the Board. Such subcommittees may hold meetings as determined necessary to enable the subcommittee to carry out its duties. " (6) TERMS. — "(A) IN GENERAL.— Except as provided in subparagraph (B), each appointed member of the Board shall hold office for a term of 4 years. Any member appointed to fill a vacancy occurring prior to the expiration of the term for which such member's predecessor was appointed shall be appointed for the remainder of the term of the predecessor. "(B) STAGGERED TERMS. — Members appointed to the Board shall serve staggered terms as specified by the Director of the Center when making the appointments. "(C) REAPPOINTMENT.—No member of the Board shall be eligible for reappointment to the Board until 1 year has elapsed after the end of the most recent term of the member. "(7) COMPENSATION.— Members of the Board who are not officers or employees of the United States shall receive for each day the members are engaged in the performance of the functions of the Board compensation at the same rate