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114 STAT. 2478 PUBLIC LAW 106-522—NOV. 22, 2000 (b) EFFECTIVE PERIOD. —The waiver provided by subsection (a) shall— (1) take effect on enactment; and (2) terminate on the date the Department of Health and Human Services approves the drug program of the agency pursuant to section 503 of Public Law 100-71 or 12 months after the date referred to in paragraph (1), whichever is later. Effective date. SEC. 158. Commencing October 1, 2000, the Mayor of the Dis- Reports. trict of Columbia shall submit to the Senate and House Committees on Appropriations, the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, and the House Government Reform Committee quarterly reports addressing the following issues: (1) crime, including the homicide rate, implementation of community policing, the number of police officers on local beats, and the closing down of open-air drug markets; (2) access to drug abuse treatment, including the number of treatment slots, the number of people served, the number of people on waiting lists, and the effectiveness of treatment programs; (3) management of parolees and pre-trial violent offenders, including the number of halfway house escapes and steps taken to improve monitoring and supervision of halfway house residents to reduce the number of escapes to be provided in consultation with the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency; (4) education, including access to special education services and student achievement to be provided in consultation with the District of Columbia Public Schools; (5) improvement in basic District services, including rat control and abatement; (6) application for and management of Federal grants, including the number and type of grants for which the District was eligible but failed to apply and the number and type of grants awarded to the District but which the District failed to spend the amounts received; and (7) indicators of child well-being. RESERVE FUNDS SEC. 159. (a) ESTABLISHMENT OF RESERVE FUNDS. — (1) IN GENERAL.— The District of Columbia Home Rule Act is amended by inserting after section 450 the following new section: Deadlines. RESERVE FUNDS "SEC. 450A. (a) EMERGENCY RESERVE FUND. — "(1) IN GENERAL.— T here is established an emergency cash reserve fund (in this subsection referred to as the 'emergency reserve fund') as an interest-bearing account (separate from other accounts in the General Fund) into which the Mayor shall deposit in cash not later than February 15 of each fiscal year (or not later than October 1, 2000, in the case of fiscal year 2001) such amount as may be required to maintain a balance in the fund of at least 4 percent of the total budget appropriated for operating expenditures for such fiscal year which is derived from local funds (or, in the case of fiscal years prior to fiscal year 2004, such amount as may be required to maintain a balance in the fund of at least the minimum emergency reserve balance for such fiscal year, as determined under paragraph (2)). " (2) DETERMINATION OF MINIMUM EMERGENCY RESERVE BALANCE. —