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PUBLIC LAW 106-541—DEC. 11, 2000 114 STAT. 2593 Transportation and Infrastructure of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Environment and Public Works of the Senate a report identifying any request submitted by a Federal agency (other than an agency of the Department of Defense) or a State or local government to the Corps to provide specialized or technical services. (2) CONTENTS OF REPORT. —The report shall include, with respect to each request described in paragraph (1)— (A) a description of the scope of services requested; (B) the certifications required under subsection (b) and (0; (C) the status of the request; (D) the estimated and final cost of the services; (E) the status of reimbursement; (F) a description of the scope of services performed; and (G) copies of all certifications in support of the request. SEC. 212. HYDROELECTMC POWER PROJECT FUNDING. Section 216 of the Water Resources Development Act of 1996 (33 U.S.C. 2321a) is amended— (1) in subsection (a) by striking "In carrying out" and all that follows through "(1) is" and inserting the following: "In carrying out the operation, maintenance, rehabilitation, and modernization of a hydroelectric power generating facility at a water resources project under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Army, the Secretary may, to the extent funds are made available in appropriations Acts or in accordance with subsection (c), take such actions as are necessary to optimize the efficiency of energy production or increase the capacity of the facility, or both, if, after consulting with the heads of other appropriate Federal and State agencies, the Secretary determines that such actions— "(1) are"; (2) in the first sentence of subsection (b) by striking "the proposed uprating" and inserting "any proposed uprating"; (3) by redesignating subsection (c) as subsection (e); and (4) by inserting after subsection (b) the following: " (c) USE OF FUNDS PROVIDED BY PREFERENCE CUSTOMERS. — In carrying out this section, the Secretary may accept and expend funds provided by preference customers under Federal law relating to the marketing of power. "(d) APPLICATION. —This section does not apply to any facility of the Department of the Army that is authorized to be funded under section 2406 of the Energy PoUcy Act of 1992 (16 U.S.C. 839d-l). ". SEC. 213. ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS. 33 USC 2339. (a) CONSERVATION AND RECREATION MANAGEMENT. — -TO further training and educational opportunities at water resources development projects under the jurisdiction of the Secretary, the Secretary may enter into cooperative agreements with non-Federal public and nonprofit entities for services relating to natural resources conservation or recreation management. (b) RURAL COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE.— In carrying out studies and projects under the jurisdiction of the Secretary, the Secretary may enter into cooperative agreements with multistate regional private nonprofit rural community assistance entities for services.