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114 STAT. 2708 PUBLIC LAW 106-541—DEC. 11, 2000 (B) to reduce the deposition of sediment; and (C) to take other steps necessary for proper management of the Missouri River. (b) PURPOSES. —The purposes of this title are— (1) to reduce the siltation of the Missouri River in the State of South Dakota; (2) to meet the objectives of the Pick-Sloan program by developing and implementing a long-term strategy— (A) to improve conservation in the Missouri River watershed; (B) to protect recreation on the Missouri River from sedimentation; (C) to improve water quality in the Missouri River; (D) to improve erosion control along the Missouri River; and (E) to protect Indian and non-Indian historical and cultural sites along the Missouri River from erosion; and (3) to meet the objectives described in paragraphs (1) and (2) by developing and financing new programs in accordance with the plan. SEC. 903. DEFINITIONS. In this title, the following definitions apply: (1) PiCK-SLOAN PROGRAM. —The term "Pick-Sloan program" means the Pick-Sloan Missouri River Basin Program authorized by section 9 of the Flood Control Act of December 22, 1944 (58 Stat. 891). (2) PLAN.— The term "plan" means the plan for the use of funds made available by this title that is required to be prepared under section 905(e). (3) STATE. —The term "State" means the State of South Dakota. (4) TASK FORCE. —The term "Task Force" means the Missouri River Task Force established by section 905(a). (5) TRUST. —The term "Trust" means the Missouri River Trust established by section 904(a). SEC. 904. MISSOURI RIVER TRUST. (a) ESTABLISHMENT. —There is established a committee to be known as the Missouri River Trust. (b) MEMBERSHIP. —The Trust shall be composed of 25 members to be appointed by the Secretary, including— (1) 15 members recommended by the Governor of South Dakota that— (A) represent equally the various interests of the public; and (B) include representatives of— (i) the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources; (ii) the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks; (iii) environmental groups; (iv) the hydroelectric power industry; (v) local governments; (vi) recreation user groups; (vii) agricultural groups; and (viii) other appropriate interests;