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SUBJECT INDEX Bll Page Fines and penalties, increase 2360 Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2001 1900A-3 Hass Avocado Promotion, Research, and Information Act of 2000 1549A- 79 Plant Protection Act 438 Prescription Drug Import Fairness Act of 2000 1549A-40 Tariff Suspension and Trade Act of 2000 2101 Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000 1549A-67 Families See Children, Youth, and Families Farms and Farming See Agriculture Farnia, Farbod 3103 Famia, Sepandan 3103 Federal Buildings and Facilities Adrian A. Spears Judicial Training Center, TX, designation 789 Alfred A. Arraj United States Courthouse Annex, CO, designation 2763A-147 Alan B. Shepard, Jr. Post Office Building, MD, designation 1311 Arnold C. D'Amico Station, OH, designation 1951 Augustus F. Hawkins Post Office Building, CA, designation 484 Barbara F. Vucanovich Post Office Building, NV, designation 1295 C.B. King United States Courthouse, GA, designation 245 Captain Colin P. Kelly, Jr. Post Office, FL, designation 486 Cardiac Arrest Survival Act of 2000 2336 Carl Elliott Federal Building, AL, designation 1071 Clifford P. Hansen Federal Courthouse, WY, designation 1077 Daniel Patrick Mo3Tiihan United States Courthouse, NY, designation 311 Donald J. Mitchell Department of Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic, NY, designation 736 Dr. Flossie McClain Dedmond Post Office Building, MD, designation 1309 E. Ross Adair Federal BuUding and United States Courthouse, IN, designation 310 Everett Alvarez, Jr. Post Office Building, MD, designation 1310 Frank R. Lautenberg Post Office and Courthouse, NJ, designation 1357 Page Frederick L. Dewberry, Jr. Post Office Building, MD, designation 1923 George Atlee Goodling Post Office Building, PA, designation 2771 George E. Brown, Jr. United States Courthouse, CA, designation 2182 Gertrude A. Barber Post Office Building, PA, designation 1924 Harry S Truman Federal Building, DC, designation 345 Henry McNeal Turner Post Office, GA, designation 1288 Henry W. McGee Post Office Building, IL, designation 1292 Herbert H. Bateman Education and Administrative Center, VA, designation 1419, 2186 Inspectors General Criminal Investigators Academy, establishment 1872 Inspectors General Forensic Laboratory, establishment 1872 J. Bratton Davis United States Bankruptcy Courthouse, SC, designation 2763A-147 J. Smith Henley Federal Building and United States Courthouse, AR, designation 1044 J.L. Dawkins Post Office Building, NC, designation 1315 J.T. Weeker Service Center, IL, designation 2761 James H. Quillen United States Courthouse, TN, designation 790 James T. Broyhill Post Office Building, NC, designation 1312 James W. McCabe, Sr. Post Office Building, NY, designation 1275 Jay Hanna 'Dizzy' Dean Post Office, MS, designation 489 Joel T. Broyhill Postal Building, VA, designation 494 John Brademas Post Office, IN, designation 1286 John J. Buchanan Post Office Building, IL, designation 320 John K. Rafferty Hamilton Post Office Building, NJ, designation 200 Joseph F. Smith Post Office Building, PA, designation 1313 Joseph Ileto Post Office, CA, designation 201 Joseph L. Fisher Post Office Building, VA, designation 495 Judge Harry Augustus Cole Post Office BuUding, MD, designation 1922 Judge Robert Bernard Watts, Sr. Post Office Building, MD, designation 1308 Keith D. Oglesby Station, SC, designation 491