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[121 STAT. 1426]
[121 STAT. 1426]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

121 STAT. 1426

PUBLIC LAW 110–134—DEC. 12, 2007

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‘‘(xvi) assisting Head Start agencies in selecting and using the measures described in section 641A(b). ‘‘(b) ADDITIONAL SUPPORT.—The Secretary shall provide, either directly or through grants, contracts or other arrangements, funds from section 640(a)(2)(C)(i)(II)(cc) to— ‘‘(1) support an organization to administer a centralized child development and national assessment program leading to recognized credentials for personnel working in early childhood education and development programs; and ‘‘(2) support training for personnel— ‘‘(A) providing services to limited English proficient children and their families (including services to promote the acquisition of the English language); ‘‘(B) providing services to children determined to be abused or neglected or children referred by or receiving child welfare services; ‘‘(C) in helping children cope with community violence; ‘‘(D) to recognize common health, including mental health, problems in children for appropriate referral; ‘‘(E) to address the needs of children with disabilities and their families; ‘‘(F) to address the needs of migrant and seasonal farmworker families; and ‘‘(G) to address the needs of homeless families. ‘‘(c) OUTREACH.—The Secretary shall develop and implement a program of outreach to recruit and train professionals from diverse backgrounds to become Head Start teachers in order to reflect the communities in which Head Start children live and to increase the provision of quality services and instruction to children with diverse backgrounds. ‘‘(d) FUNDS TO AGENCIES.—Funds made available under section 640(a)(2)(C)(i)(II)(aa) shall be used by a Head Start agency to provide high-quality, sustained, and intensive training and technical assistance as follows: ‘‘(1) For 1 or more of the following: ‘‘(A) Activities that ensure that Head Start programs meet or exceed the standards described in section 641A(a)(1). ‘‘(B) Activities that ensure that Head Start programs have adequate numbers of trained, qualified staff who have skills in working with children and families, including children and families who are limited English proficient and children with disabilities and their families. ‘‘(C) Activities to improve the management and implementation of Head Start services and systems, including direct training for expert consultants working with staff. ‘‘(D) Activities that help ensure that Head Start programs have qualified staff who can promote language skills and literacy growth of children and who can provide children with a variety of skills that have been identified as predictive of later reading achievement, school success, and the skills, knowledge, abilities, development, and progress described in section 641A(a)(1)(B)(ii). ‘‘(E) Activities to improve staff qualifications and to assist with the implementation of career development programs and to encourage the staff to continually improve

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