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[121 STAT. 1736]
[121 STAT. 1736]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

121 STAT. 1736

PUBLIC LAW 110–140—DEC. 19, 2007 clean and efficient energy technologies and processes to be used for future initiatives to tackle the climate change crisis; (5) be committed to minimizing administrative costs and to maximizing the availability of funds for grants under this subtitle; and (6) promote the use of American-made clean and efficient energy technologies, processes, and services by giving preference to entities incorporated in the United States and whose technology will be substantially manufactured in the United States.

42 USC 17354.


(a) REPORT REQUIRED.—Not later than March 31, 2008, and each March 31 thereafter, the Foundation shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report on the implementation of this subtitle during the prior fiscal year. (b) CONTENTS.—The report required by subsection (a) shall include— (1) the total financial resources available to the Foundation during the year, including appropriated funds, the value and source of any gifts or donations accepted pursuant to section 925(a)(6), and any other resources; (2) a description of the Board’s policy priorities for the year and the basis upon which competitive grant proposals were solicited and awarded to nongovernmental institutions and other organizations; (3) a list of grants made to nongovernmental institutions and other organizations that includes the identity of the institutional recipient, the dollar amount, and the results of the program; and (4) the total administrative and operating expenses of the Foundation for the year, as well as specific information on— (A) the number of Foundation employees and the cost of compensation for Board members, Foundation employees, and personal service contractors; (B) costs associated with securing the use of real property for carrying out the functions of the Foundation; (C) total travel expenses incurred by Board members and Foundation employees in connection with Foundation activities; and (D) total representational expenses. 42 USC 17355.


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(a) POWERS.—The Foundation— (1) shall have perpetual succession unless dissolved by a law enacted after the date of the enactment of this Act; (2) may adopt, alter, and use a seal, which shall be judicially noticed; (3) may make and perform such contracts, grants, and other agreements with any person or government however designated and wherever situated, as may be necessary for carrying out the functions of the Foundation; (4) may determine and prescribe the manner in which its obligations shall be incurred and its expenses allowed and paid, including expenses for representation; (5) may lease, purchase, or otherwise acquire, improve, and use such real property wherever situated, as may be necessary for carrying out the functions of the Foundation;

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