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[121 STAT. 1750]
[121 STAT. 1750]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

121 STAT. 1750

PUBLIC LAW 110–140—DEC. 19, 2007

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‘‘(ii) tracking and documentation of occupational information and workforce training data with respect to renewable energy and energy efficiency technology; ‘‘(iii) collaborating with State agencies, workforce investments boards, industry, organized labor, and community and nonprofit organizations to disseminate information on successful innovations for labor market services and worker training with respect to renewable energy and energy efficiency technology; ‘‘(iv) serving as a clearinghouse for best practices in workforce development, job placement, and collaborative training partnerships; ‘‘(v) encouraging the establishment of workforce training initiatives with respect to renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies; ‘‘(vi) linking research and development in renewable energy and energy efficiency technology with the development of standards and curricula for current and future jobs; ‘‘(vii) assessing new employment and work practices including career ladder and upgrade training as well as high performance work systems; and ‘‘(viii) providing technical assistance and capacity building to national and State energy partnerships, including industry and labor representatives. ‘‘(B) NATIONAL ENERGY TRAINING PARTNERSHIP GRANTS.— ‘‘(i) IN GENERAL.—Under the program established under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall award National Energy Training Partnerships Grants on a competitive basis to eligible entities to enable such entities to carry out training that leads to economic self-sufficiency and to develop an energy efficiency and renewable energy industries workforce. Grants shall be awarded under this subparagraph so as to ensure geographic diversity with at least 2 grants awarded to entities located in each of the 4 Petroleum Administration for Defense Districts with no subdistricts, and at least 1 grant awarded to an entity located in each of the subdistricts of the Petroleum Administration for Defense District with subdistricts. ‘‘(ii) ELIGIBILITY.—To be eligible to receive a grant under clause (i), an entity shall be a nonprofit partnership that— ‘‘(I) includes the equal participation of industry, including public or private employers, and labor organizations, including joint labormanagement training programs, and may include workforce investment boards, community-based organizations, qualified service and conservation corps, educational institutions, small businesses, cooperatives, State and local veterans agencies, and veterans service organizations; and ‘‘(II) demonstrates— ‘‘(aa) experience in implementing and operating worker skills training and education programs;

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