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[121 STAT. 160]
[121 STAT. 160]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

121 STAT. 160

PUBLIC LAW 110–28—MAY 25, 2007

recruiting and retaining outstanding teachers and school-based school principals, assistant principals, principal resident directors, and assistant directors; and (4) paid release time for teachers and principals to identify and replicate successful practices from the fastest-improving and highest-performing schools. GENERAL PROVISIONS—THIS CHAPTER 119 Stat. 2797.

State listing. Waiver authority.

SEC. 4701. Section 105(b) of title IV of division B of Public Law 109–148 is amended by adding at the end the following new sentence: ‘‘With respect to the program authorized by section 102 of this Act, the waiver authority in subsection (a) of this section shall be available until the end of fiscal year 2008.’’. SEC. 4702. Notwithstanding section 2002(c) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1397a(c)), funds made available under the heading ‘‘Social Services Block Grant’’ in division B of Public Law 109–148 shall be available for expenditure by the States through the end of fiscal year 2009. SEC. 4703. (a) In the event that Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or Texas fails to meet its match requirement with funds appropriated in fiscal year 2006 or 2007, for fiscal years 2008 and 2009, the Secretary of Health and Human Services may waive the application of section 2617(d)(4) of the Public Health Service Act for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas. (b) The Secretary may not exercise the waiver authority available under subsection (a) to allow a grantee to provide less than a 25 percent matching grant. (c) For grant years beginning in 2008, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas and any eligible metropolitan area in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas shall comply with each of the applicable requirements under title XXVI of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 300ff–11 et seq.). CHAPTER 8 DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION FEDERAL HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION FEDERAL-AID HIGHWAYS EMERGENCY RELIEF PROGRAM



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For an additional amount for the Emergency Relief Program as authorized under section 125 of title 23, United States Code, $871,022,000, to remain available until expended: Provided, That section 125(d)(1) of title 23, United States Code, shall not apply to emergency relief projects that respond to damage caused by the 2005–2006 winter storms in the State of California: Provided further, That of the unobligated balances of funds apportioned to each State under chapter 1 of title 23, United States Code, $871,022,000 are rescinded: Provided further, That such rescission shall not apply to the funds distributed in accordance with sections 130(f) and 104(b)(5) of title 23, United States Code; sections 133(d)(1) and 163 of such title, as in effect on the day before

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