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[121 STAT. 2205]
[121 STAT. 2205]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

PUBLIC LAW 110–161—DEC. 26, 2007

121 STAT. 2205


For expenses necessary to carry out the provisions of the Railway Labor Act, including emergency boards appointed by the President, $12,911,000. OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY




For expenses necessary for the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, $10,696,000. RAILROAD RETIREMENT BOARD DUAL BENEFITS PAYMENTS ACCOUNT

For payment to the Dual Benefits Payments Account, authorized under section 15(d) of the Railroad Retirement Act of 1974, $79,000,000, which shall include amounts becoming available in fiscal year 2008 pursuant to section 224(c)(1)(B) of Public Law 98–76; and in addition, an amount, not to exceed 2 percent of the amount provided herein, shall be available proportional to the amount by which the product of recipients and the average benefit received exceeds the amount available for payment of vested dual benefits: Provided, That the total amount provided herein shall be credited in 12 approximately equal amounts on the first day of each month in the fiscal year. FEDERAL PAYMENTS TO THE RAILROAD RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS

For payment to the accounts established in the Treasury for the payment of benefits under the Railroad Retirement Act for interest earned on unnegotiated checks, $150,000, to remain available through September 30, 2009, which shall be the maximum amount available for payment pursuant to section 417 of Public Law 98–76. LIMITATION ON ADMINISTRATION

For necessary expenses for the Railroad Retirement Board for administration of the Railroad Retirement Act and the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act, $103,694,000, to be derived in such amounts as determined by the Board from the railroad retirement accounts and from moneys credited to the railroad unemployment insurance administration fund. LIMITATION ON THE OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL

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For expenses necessary for the Office of Inspector General for audit, investigatory and review activities, as authorized by the Inspector General Act of 1978, not more than $7,173,000, to be derived from the railroad retirement accounts and railroad unemployment insurance account: Provided, That none of the funds made available in any other paragraph of this Act may be transferred to the Office; used to carry out any such transfer; used to provide any office space, equipment, office supplies, communications facilities or services, maintenance services, or administrative

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