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[121 STAT. 411]
[121 STAT. 411]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

PUBLIC LAW 110–53—AUG. 3, 2007

121 STAT. 411

transportation agency shall revise its training program accordingly and provide additional training as necessary to its workers within a reasonable time after the regulations are updated. (e) APPLICABILITY.—A public transportation agency that receives a grant award under this title shall be required to develop and implement a security training program pursuant to this section. (f) LONG-TERM TRAINING REQUIREMENT.—Any public transportation agency required to develop a security training program pursuant to this section shall provide routine and ongoing training for employees covered under the program, regardless of whether the public transportation agency receives subsequent grant awards. (g) NATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM.—The Secretary shall ensure that the training program developed under subsection (a) is a component of the National Training Program established under section 648 of the Post Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act (Public Law 109–295; 6 U.S.C. 748). (h) FERRY EXEMPTION.—This section shall not apply to any ferry system for which training is required to be conducted pursuant to section 70103 of title 46, United States Code. (i) REPORT.—Not later than 2 years after the date of issuance of the final regulation, the Comptroller General shall review implementation of the training program, including interviewing a representative sample of public transportation agencies and employees, and report to the appropriate congressional committees, on the number of reviews conducted and the results. The Comptroller General may submit the report in both classified and redacted formats as necessary. SEC. 1409. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT.

6 USC 1138.

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(a) ESTABLISHMENT OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.—The Secretary shall carry out a research and development program through the Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency in the Science and Technology Directorate and in consultation with the Transportation Security Administration and with the Federal Transit Administration, for the purpose of improving the security of public transportation systems. (b) GRANTS AND CONTRACTS AUTHORIZED.—The Secretary shall award grants or contracts to public or private entities to conduct research and demonstrate technologies and methods to reduce and deter terrorist threats or mitigate damages resulting from terrorist attacks against public transportation systems. (c) USE OF FUNDS.—Grants or contracts awarded under subsection (a)— (1) shall be coordinated with activities of the Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency; and (2) may be used to— (A) research chemical, biological, radiological, or explosive detection systems that do not significantly impede passenger access; (B) research imaging technologies; (C) conduct product evaluations and testing; (D) improve security and redundancy for critical communications, electrical power, and computer and train control systems; (E) develop technologies for securing tunnels, transit bridges and aerial structures;

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