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1014 INDEX. Fermenied Liquors, (continued.} First National Bank of Neuman, ownership or possession of, after sale, may change its location and name . 417, 418 &c., except., &c., if tax is not paid, to First National Bank <p”Pe·rm Yann, make same liable to forfeiture . . . 249 successor of the First National Bank of absence of stamp to be evidence Watkins, New York .. 467 that tax is not paid . 249 First National Bank of Seneca, Illinois, Ferrill, Refus K., may change its location .. 51 claim of, allowed by commissioners . . 751 First National Bank ty Springfield, Missouri, Ferris, ll/'illiam, made the successor of the National Bank damages awarded to, by commissioners of Sprin tield, Missouri . 611 of claims .. 693 First National ganktf Topeka, Ferry Boots, made the successor to the Kansas Valcertain, not required to enter and clear, ley National Bank of Topeka . . 622 nor the persons in charge thereof to First National Bank of Washington, D. C'., present manifests, nor pay fees, &c., 214, appropriation to pay amount due, as as- 215 signee ofJohn P. Bruce . 532 Ferry, Elisha P., First National Bank rp' Watkins, New York, appropriation to pay amount due . . . 533 may change location and name . . . 467 Ferryman, Fish, Samuel, penalty on, for wilful1y delaying passage damages awarded to, by commissioners of mail ... 311 of claims .. 693 Held, Ira, Fish and Fisheries, claim oi allowed by commissioners . . 759 report of commissioner of . 124 Fifth Auditor, inquiry into the decrease of food—iishes . 124 appropriations for, and for office of the, 67, Fish and Fish Oil, Fillebrown, illargaret, 493 certain, to be admitted into the United payment to, of salary of late husband . 717 States from Canada or Prince Ed- Finch, Dauid L., ward’s Island, free of duty, whenever, damages awarded to, by commissioners &c. 482 of claims .. 693 from Newfoundland .. 482 Fine-out Shorts, do See Internal Revenue. certain, to be admitted free into each may be sold in bulk without tax, to, &c., 253 country, under treaty with Great Fines and Forfeitures, Britain . . . 870 cases oi} under the revenue laws, to be Fisheries, See Great Britain. reported within ten days to district right of the United States in certain sea, attorneys by collectors, with names of in common with, &c . 869, 870 witnesses, &c. ... 580, 581 salmon and shad not included . . 870 proceedings to be commenced with- rights in common of British subjects on out delay, unless, &c. 581 certain coasts of the United States . 870 if not instituted, facts to be salmon and shad not included . . 870 reported 581 places for, how to be designated . 870 Fines and Penalties, claim of British Government for privijudgments for, in criminal orpenal causes leges of granted, how to be deterin courts of the United States may be mined ... 871 enforced by execution as in civil Fisher, Georqe S., causes . .. 198 losses of, as consul, to be audited . . 727 issue of execution not to discharge Fisher, Jacob, defendant from imprisonment, claim of, allowed by commissioners . . 746 where, &c . 198 Fisher, James H., for violation of post-office laws, when claim of, allowed by commissioners . . 759 collected to be paid into the treasury, Fishes, except, &o. . . . . 292, 825 appropriations for the introduction of may be remitted with written con- suitable for food, into the waters of sent, &c. . 325 the United States . 350, 513 Finley, James, Fitchburg, Mass., claim of allowed by commissioners . . 742 condemned cannon, &c., to Soldiers’ Fimfs Point, Monument Association of 617 appro riation for battery at . 469 Fite, Peter, Finton, William F., claim of, allowed by commissioners . . 748 claim ot] allowed by commissioners . . 746 Fitler, Theodore, Fire Department in the District tf Columbia, claim of, allowed by commissioners . . 750 one-third of cost ofQ to be paid by the F itgqeraid, Lucinda, United States . . . · .. 422 claim of, allowed by commissioners, . . 746 not in any year to exceed, &c. . . 422 Five-een: Piece. See Minor Coins. First Auditor, weight, alloy, and value of . 427 appropriations for, and for office of the, 67, Flagler, Albert, 493 claim ot; allowed by commissioners . . 759 First Comptroller ty' the Treasury, Flanagan, J. YV., appropriations for, and for office of the, 67, damages awarded to, by commissioners 492 of claims ,. 693 First Llational Bank of Annapolis, Flathead lndians, may change its location to Baltimore . 281 appropriations for the . 173, 174, 446, 447 may take name of Traders' National for removal of, to Jocko reserva· Bank of Baltimore . . . 282 tion, . . . . . . 188