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INDEX. 1 101 Secretary af :Szute, (continued.) _ Secretary of the Interior, (continued.) appropriations for pay oi of assistants shall prevent the wanton destruction and of clerks in ofnoe of . . . 66, 492 of fish and game, and remove to direct the expenditure of the appro- trespassers 38 priations for the Idriti h claims com- certain powers and duties of, relating to mission and the tribunal of arbitration the imprisonment and discharge of at Geneva .. 24 convicts, transferred to the Departfor the embassy from Japan . . . 30 ment of Justice 35 to allow compensation for extraordinary to enter into negotiations with the Ute services_ during the late warm Europe Indians in Colorado Territory, to exto certain consuls of the United States, 123 tinguish their right in a certain reserto designate the public documents that vation ... 55 shall be supplied to the legations and duty ot, in reference to certain approconsulates of the United States . . 14-4 priations for his department . . 74, 75 to furnish copy of postal conventions to purchase, &c., such lands in Washingwith foreign governments, to the con- ton, D. C., as may be necessary to gressional printer for publication . . 287 enlarge the public grounds about the may empower consuls of the United Capitol .. 83, 84 States to pay the foreign postage on to sell at public auction the materials letters destined for the United States in certain buildings in Washington, and detained in foreign ports for non- ·D. C. . ... 84 payment of postage ... 317 to form one of a commission to report may be appointed one of a commission- a plan to remove locomotive railroad to complete the boundary line between tracks in front of western entrance to the United States and the possessions Capitol .. 84, 85 of Great Britain 487 to cause certain unsold land in Kansas to report to Congress each year the of the Kansas Indians to be appraised names of consular odioers not citizens and sold ... 85 of the United States, to whom salaries to sell certain Cherokee lands in Kansas, 98 have been paid, &c. ... 473 tmselect and purchase a site for the Reto furnish seals to consular agents of the form School for the District of Colum- United States 478 bia . . . . 119 duties as to the Territories of the United duty ot} under the act regulating private States now performed by, to be per- contracts with Indians 136, 187 fornied by the Secretary of the Inte- to issue certificates for allotments of rior 484 land to each member of the Pottawahow may apply balance of appropriation tomie citizen band .,. 150 for British claims commission . 529, 530 to the Absentee Shawnee Indians . 160 may allow additional compensation to to abate, orrefund if already paid, taxes the consuls of the United States at upon distilled spirits in bond, do- Havre and La Rochelle . 531 stroyed by 'casualty . . . . . . 162 to pay to the government of Japan for to ascertain and pay to each member of rents for lands, &c., used by the United Kickapoo tribe of Indians what he is States for jails, &c. ... 582 entitled to under the treaty . . . . 174 to maintain suitable buildings for court no part to minor children, until, &c., 174 house and jail at Jedo .. 582 to cause to be patented to certain Winto select law library for Iegation in nebago Indians resident in Minnesota, Japan ... 582 allotments of land ... 185 to direct the expenditure of the appro- to investigate and report at the next sespxiation for the international exposi- sion of Congress upon the civilization tion at Vienna 637 of the Indian tribes, &c. . 188 detailed statement to Congress . . 688 to submit to Cougre s a plan for equita- Secretary <y” the I merior, bly extinguishing the claims of diminsalary oi, established from March 4, ished Indian tribes for annuities and 1873 4.86 allowances . . . . . I . 189 appropriations for pay ot] of assistant, to make an appraisement of certain and of clerks ... 74, 502 Cherokee lan s 190 one clerk to be designated as .superin- to negotiate with the southern Chey- tendent of the building 74, 502 ennes and Arapahoes for the release of additional pay therefor . . . 74, 502 land ceded to them, and for what conto appoint additional clerks, &c., in the sideration . 2 . . .7 . 190 pension office . 5 to remove Winnebago Indians to Iseto purchase volume sixteenth of the braska ... 190 United States statutes at large . . . 7 to prepare and publish rules lfor presentmay promote certain clerks in the census ing claims for depredations by Inoffice 8 dians . . . 1 . . _ _. . 190 to direct the erection of a monument to to remove certain Chippewa Indians Professor Samuel F. B. Morse . . . 21 from their lands and locate them anew, 190 to have control of the public park near to appoint commissioners to appraise the headwaters of the Yellow Stone such lands, and expend appropria- River . .. 32, 33 tion for appraisement . Z . . 191 to make rules for its care 33 to announce publicly the opening of may grant certain leases and expend new land offices in new land districts, 192. proceeds thereof .. 33 193