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INDEX. 1103 Secretary <y"the Nagy, (continued.) Secretary efthe Treasury, (continued.) to invite plans and specifications for a. to approve plans and direct the ex- Hoating iron dock ... 11 penditure of the appropriation . 24 to appoint a board to examine plans and to prescribe regulations for the issuing specifications .· . . ._ . 11 and payment of duplicate checks by to turn over certain machinery and tools disbursing officers in place of originals to the Industrial Home School of the lost ., 291, 300 District of Columbia .. 21 for the admission free of duty of certo pay to the officers and crew of the tain machinery formining sulphur 29 "Kearsarge," the estimated value of to determine salary of deputycollector the “Alabama " .. 53, 352 at Shreveport, La 33 to sell at public sale such vessels and to prescribe regulations for the admission materials of the United States navy free of duty of certain paintings, statues in his judgment cannot be ativan- ary, and photographic pictures . . . 35 tageously used, repaired, or fitted out, 154 to appoint agent and assistants to manpublic notice in newspapers . . . 154 age the seal fisheries in Alaska . . . 35 to report to Congress . 154 to erect a dwellingliouse for agent on grossly inadequate bids need not be the islands St. George and St. Paul . 35 accepted . 154 to issue certificate of registry to the brig to reimburse the funeral expenses of “Michael & Anne" .. 37 Admiral David G. Farragut 352 American register to the British to permit a, certain monument in honor brig “Isaclora " .. 37 ofcertain officers, &c., of the navy, to to the British built brig “A. L. be brought from Rome in a public ves- Palmer " ... 40 sel . 400 to purchase site in Cincinnati for courtto pay the captors of the rebel ram Albe- house, &c . .. 39 marie, appropriation ...,.. 405 to construct fireproof building in Alto cause eight steam vessels of war to be bany, N. Y., for custonrhouse, postconstructed, and in what manner . . 423 office, &o ... 39 to organize parties to observe the transit to purchase land and erect a building at of Venus .. 514· Indianapolis for courthouse, &c. . . 42 to detail two vessels of the navy to con- to construct a suitable building at Hartvey parties to selected points . . . 614 ford, Ct., for public officers, &c. . . 42 to make soundings between the western to purchase site in St. Louis, Mo., for coast of the United States and Japan custom-house, and other public offices, 43, for scientific purposes, and for cable . 556 44 to convey to the city of Chelsea, Mass., to change the names of the yachts certain land for the use ofa street . . 618 “Lois " and " \Villiam M. Tweed," 46, 47 Secretary of the Senate, to appoint a commission to determine a accounts of, for compensation and mile- new division line between property of age of Senators to be adjusted . . . 61 John G. Woerner and the St. Louis Hscal year for, when to begin . . . 61 marine hospital tract .. 48 salary of, increased ... 486 other duties in respect thereto . 48, 49 Secretary ¢y’the Treasznjz/, to issue an American register to the salary of, established from March 4, Dutch bark “Alice Tarlton " . . . 49 1873 . ... 486 to prescribe regulations for allowance, appropriations for pay of, of assistants, &c., of drawback of import duties and of clerks in the office of the . 66, 492 paid 0n certain building materials used ' to prescribe regulations for payment of in rebuilding Chicago . . 51 duplicate checks for pensions, and the to prescribe regulations for certain imexecution of bonds of indemnity . . 4 ported merchandise withdrawn for ex- (50 assign duties to be performed by dep- portation passing through Indianola, uty collector of customs at Potomac, Texas ... 58 Va . . ... 5 may employ not over three persons to may sell the marine hospital building in aid in collecting money belonging to San Francisco . 11 and withheld from the United States . 69 may employ crews of experienced surf- terms of employment, compensamen at certain life-saving stations . . 12 tion, &c .. 69 to determine the amount legally due to no person to be employed, unless, John Thompson Mason, late collector &c. .. I . 69 of the port of Baltimore . 12 penalty upon such persons for misto prescribe rules for the transfer of cer- conduct . 69 tain bonded goods from car to car by such persons to make report under carriers by rail, when gauges of con- their contract ..,.. _ . . 69 necting railroads difler .. 16 to determine rates of pay for certain adto convey the branch mint building at dmonal clerks. . 1 .. 72 Dahlonega, Ga., to the trustees of the to pay to persons evicted from lands North Georgia Agricultural College . 19 bought under tax sales through failure to change the name of the ship “Wil- of title, their purchase-money .. 89, 332 liam F. Storer " to that of “Hamilton to pay surtinen at lifesaving stations on Fish " ,. . 19 the New Jersey coast . . : g. . . 90 to procure a site in Chicago for custom- to purchase site and erect building for home, &c., and cause fireproof build- custom-house, post-office, &c., at Hocking to be erected thereon . 21{ land, Me. . . . . . . . . . - I2].