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FORTY—-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 140, 141. 1872. 85 grounds, is hereby authorized and directed to examine and report to Con- remove locomogress, prior to the second Monday of December next, a plan by which Fi"°’“ll’°?d_*m°k the locomotive railroad track in front of the western entrance of the ;i,fr§:,1:,g;;€g£' Capitol shall be removed, with due regard to the rights of all parties Capitol. conperned, and by which proper connections with other railroads may be ma e. Sec. 13. That from and after the nrst day of July, eighteen hundred Salariesofsecand seventy-two, the annual salaries of the second comptroller, of the °°{}}it°°‘“P"°u°’· register, and of the supervising architect of the treasury department, Iggy12ga;`,;;;?;;;;, shall be four thousand dollars each; and the annual salary of the judges and 0i me l¤dg€¤ of the court of claims shall be four thousand five hundred dollars each, g{a?;s°g;l§b‘ff and a sufficient sum to carry into effect the provisions of this section to lished. the end of the fiscal year ending June thirtieth,. eighteen hundred and seventy-three, is hereby appropriated. Approved, May 8, 1872. CHAP. CXLI.—An Act to rovide or the Rem‘ . Indian Territory, andl)0 dispoie of their 2hlhd%hlcKldii;d.;IioIdTdi):a(i/`b!d2it(i;Z;s to the Be it enacted Zn; the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Inte- _ U¤¤<>ld lewis rior be, and he is hereby, authorized and empowered to cause to be ;Qa§;;S?;(§;:;° appraised and sold so much of the lands heretofore owned by the Kansas to be appraised tribe of Indians in the State of Kansas, and which was ceded to the and md- United States in trust in the treaty made by the United States and said V°r xii PAUL Indians proclaimed November seventeenth, anno Domini eighteen hundred and sixty, and which remain unsold, in the following manner, viz.: The Mods <>f upsaid Secretary shall appoint three disinterested and competent persons, p"”“m“"· &°‘ who shall, after being duly sworn to perform said service. faithfully and impartially, personally examine and appraise said lands by le al subdivisions of one hundred and sixty acres or less, separately from die value of any improvements on the same, and also the value of said improvements, distinguishing between improvements made by members of said Indian tribe, the United States, and white settlers, and make return thereof to the commissioner of Indian affairs: Provided, That the Appmisemeut Secretary of the Interior may, in his discretion, set aside any appraise- m“Y W ”*”id°· ments that may be made under the provisions of this section, and cause a new appraisement to be made. Sec. 2. That each bona·fide settler at the time occupying any portion Bona-tide setof said lands and having made valuable improvements thereon, or the Sir; 3:; heirs at law of such, who is a citizen of the United States, or who has puck,,,,, Q,,,,,,;, declared his intention to become such, shall be entitled, at any time within 160 ==¢res‘q¢`s¤<=h one year from the approval of said appraisement, to purchase, for cash, the land so occupied and improved by him, not to exceed one hundred and me appraised sixty acres in each case, at the appraised value thereofQ including the ap- "¤l¤*>- praised value of any improvements which may have been made by the United States or any of said Indians on the same, under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe. Sec. 3. That all the lands mentioned in the first section of this act now Occupied lands occupied by bona-fide settlers, as mentioned in the second section of this ;;‘;;’l‘fS;i*°{O°§§ act, remaining unsold at the expiration of one year from the approval of suydg Pgiblic said appraisement, shall be sold at public sale, after due advertisement, to wethe highest bidder for cash, in tracts not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres; and all the lands mentioned in the first section of this act which Unoocupied shall be unoccupied by bona-fide settlers at the date of such appraisement ;*;§‘£;t{;;Ya;f may be sold at any time after the approval of said appraisement, at pub- ,,,0,.,,; O; Sp. lic sale, after due advertisement, to the highest bidder for cash, in tracts pmiS¢m€¤¤· not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres, under such rules and regula— I _ tions as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe: Provided, That in Limlfw r>¤<>¢· no case shall any of the lands mentioned in this act be sold at less than