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FORTY—SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 159. 1872. 105 From Buiialo to Siloma. _ Post-roads es- From Prestonburg to Warneld. “1l¥;;l;f1%km_ From G-rumville, via Deer Creek, to Rolling Fork. y' From Morton to Rockville. From Hickman to St. John, via Lodgetin, Morse Station, Lynnville, Murray, Good Bridge, New Providence, and New Concord. From Moscow to Milburn, via Clinton and Spring Hill. From Clinton to Wingo Station, via Sullivan’s Store, and Baltimore. From Clinton to Mayfield, via Dublin. From Columbus to Blandville, via McClure’s. From Clinton to Blandville, via Cummin’s Mill. From Blandville to Barlow City. From Dublin, via Fancy Farm, Wilson’s Creek, and Kansas, to Paducah. From Mayfield to Barlow City, via Wilson Creek, Lovolaceville, Hinkleville, and Hazlewood. From Hodgensville to New Haven. From Calhoun to Sevia or Owensboro and Russelville Railroad. From Samuels Depot to Chaplin. From Lancaster, via Buckeye, Mouth of Paint Lick, and Sulphur Mill, to Nicholasville. From Benton, via Birmingham and Vogle’s Lime Kiln, to Eddyville. From Benton, via Fair Dealing, Aurora, Hico, Shiloh, to Murray. From Calvert City, via Palman and Simpsonia, to Florence. From Eddyville, via Parksville, to Cadiz. From Princeton, via Simms’ Store and Walloria, to Montgomery. From Montgomery, via Cherry Hill, to Roaring Springs. From Cadiz, via Trillis Store, to Cherry Hill. From Smithlaud, via Salem, Marion, Fredonia, to Princeton. From Cypress to Marion. From Hurricane to Marion. From Morganlield to Dixon. From Morganfield to Marion. From Caseyville to Morganfield. From Dixon to Princeton. From Dixon to Marion. From Mayfield, via Stubblefield, and Cuba, to Linnville. From Brewer’s Mill, via Farmington and Huverd’s Mill, to Boydsville. From Princeton, via Parkersville, to Cadiz. From Cadiz to Rockcastle. From Cadiz to Linton. From Caseyville to Providence. From Fredonia to Dixon. From Fredonia to Eddyville. From Calvert City, via Haddock’s Ferry, Dycusburgh, to Fredonia. From Mayfield, via Fair Oaks and Clear Springs, to Simpsonia. From Dixon, via Providence, to Creswell. From Warsaw to Sparta. From Robinson's'Station, on the Kentucky Central Railroad, via Curry’s Run Post-Office, Richland, and Antioch,_to Havilandsville. KANSAS. Kansas. From Attica to Cawker City. From Twin Mounds, via Valley Brook, Michigan City, and La Mont Hill, to Lyndon. From Middle Creek to Lincolnville. From Cawker City to Wilson. From Elk Falls, via Belknap and Cloversdale, to Cedarville.