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FORTY-—SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 159. 1872. 109 From Herman to Lake Traverse. Postmads es- From Jackson m wma0m. ¤gg¤¤¤¤ ¤;_ From Graham Lake to WVorthington. mm ’ From Grand Meadow to High Forest. From Saint Peter to New Auburn. From Langdon to Cottage Grove. From Alexandria, via Miltona and Leaf Valley, to Brandon. From Elizabethtown to Oak Lake. From Alexandria, via Moe, to Herman. From Holmes City to Herman. From Rush Lake to Otter-Tail Crossing. From Willmar to Granite Falls. _ From Willmar, via Emerson, Hawk Creek, and Yellow Medicine City, to L nd. Fdom Redwood Falls to Beaver Falls. From Fair Haven, via French Lake, to Cokato Station. From Clear Lake to Santiago. MISSISSIPPI. Mississippi ; From Vaiden to Sidon. MONTANA. Monson.; From Beartown to Yreka. From Missoula, via Agency and St. Ignatius, to Scribner. From Springville to Centreville. From Radersburg to Keatingville. From Darling to Vipond. From Radersburg, via Crow Creek Ferry, Deep Creek, Robinson’s Store, North Creek, Duck Creek, and Diamond City, to Fort Baker. MICHIGAN. Michigan; From Clam Lake to Traverse City. From Evart to Falmouth. From Clam Lake to Sherman. From Clam Lake to Manistee. From Falmouth, via Farewell, to Clam Lake. From Ashton to Marietta. From Owasso to Big Rapids. From Falmouth, via Houghton Lake and Grand Traverse State Road, to Fife Lake. MAINE. Mme. From Mattawaumkeag to Medway. From Greenville to Mount Kinneo. From Caribou office in Lindon to New Sweden. From Green’s Landing to Isle au Haut. From Indian Township to Grand Lake Stream, over the Granger Turnpike. From Winter Harbor, via Birch Harbor and Prospect Harbor, to West Goldsborough. _ F From Linneus, via Oakfield and Dyer Brook Plantation, to Island alls. From Lindon, via Woodland and Perham, to Washburn. From Etna Centre to South Etna. From N ewfreld, via West N ewfield, to East Wakefield Railroad Station, New Hampshire. From Windham Centre, via Windham, to Great Falls.